panel discussion at AdvaMed 2016

Medtronic CEO joins top healthcare leaders at AdvaMed 2016

The 10th annual conference comes to Minnesota to foster new conversations and partnerships.

MINNEAPOLIS – For the first time, Minneapolis was host to the annual AdvaMed Conference - one of the largest medical technology events in the United States. The conference was held October 17-19 at the Minneapolis Convention Center.

AdvaMed 2016 not only brought together thousands of healthcare executives and entrepreneurs, but also pulled together some of the most influential healthcare leaders in the industry for an important conversation. 

Joining Medtronic Chairman and CEO Omar Ishrak for a panel discussion was Mayo Clinic’s president and CEO Dr. John Noseworthy, Dr. Dick Migliori, the Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer from UnitedHealth Group, and Deborah DiSanzo, general manager of IBM Watson Health.

Together, they discussed the future of healthcare delivery.

panel discussion at AdvaMed 2016

“Ten years ago, I don’t think we were having this conversation together,” said Dr. Noseworthy, Mayo Clinic's president and CEO.

“Ten years ago, I don’t think we were having this conversation together,” said Dr. Noseworthy. “But now we have device makers, payers, and providers learning together. It’s important.”

The conversation centered on the need to think differently –  and partner in new ways – in order to adapt to the rapidly changing American healthcare system.

In recent years, the U.S. Government has initiated several programs aimed at moving towards a value-based healthcare model. Examples include the Accountable Care Organizations’ bundled payments, and Health and Human Services’ Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program.

“We have a lot of work to do and this will take time,” Ishrak told the crowd of over 2,000 attendees.

Ishrak reiterated the need to always keep the patient in mind.

“All of our technology and solutions need to have a line of sight to improving an outcome,” he said. “I cannot emphasis enough the need for this entire ecosystem to get focused on delivering value to the patient.”

Deborah DiSanzo cited her IBM Watson Health’s partnership with Medtronic.

“Medtronic and IBM Watson Health are working together,” she said. “We now have diabetes patients on the app we created together and Watson is collecting the data and using it to assist users.”

The two companies recently demonstrated a new app, Sugar .IQ, at the Health 2.0 Fall Conference in California. It uses cognitive computing to  help identify patterns and trends from information supplied by Medtronic continuous glucose monitors and insulin pumps, providing patients with personalized  insights to help better manage their condition as part of their disease-management plan with their provider. The app is currently in testing, with a broader rollout expected in late 2016. 

This was the 10th year of the AdvaMed Conference which includes dozens of speakers, events, and more than 100 exhibiting companies.