Medtronic is committed to ensuring the “gold standard” of surgical care across Latin America.

Rio de Jineiro, Brazil – Between surgeries, Dr. Jose Loreto recalls the evolution of medical technology he’s seen throughout his career.

“I graduated 37 years ago,” he says. “And it’s improved. It’s much better.”

Miles from the popular tourist sites, Dr. Loreto practices medicine at Santa Martha Hospital in Rio de Janeiro. His specialty is bariatric surgical procedures using minimally invasive surgery (MIS) tools and video laproscopic equipment. 

surgeons performing minimally invasive surgery

'The gold standard'

For patients, minimally invasive surgery can reduce post-op pain and get people back on their feet faster. 

In other words, he’s conducting procedures that only require small incisions and utilize miniature cameras and high-tech video monitors.

“I remember the old days,” he chuckles. “We had to go from hospital to hospital and carry our own video sets to operate.”

Today, MIS is seen as the gold standard of care. For patients, it can reduce post-op pain and complications, and get people back on their feet faster. For hospitals, it may also offer lower costs and an ability to treat more patients. But in many emerging markets, adoption of this technology and expertise remains low.1

Medtronic works closely with hospitals systems in places like Brazil to understand what gets in the way of offering MIS procedures. In most cases, funding and proper training are the main hurdles, but Medtronic is striving to overcome them.

View of Rio de Janeiro

Connecting communities to MIS

Santa Martha is one of 90 hospitals throughout Latin America that now offers MIS.

At Santa Martha Hospital, surgeons now have access to multiple laproscopic towers available for a variety of surgical procedures. And with that technology, comes a variety of benefits.

“The patient recovers much more quickly,” says Dr. Bruna Prestes, who happens to be Dr. Loreto’s daughter. “They return much sooner to their activities and they feel less pain.”

Santa Martha is one of 90 hospitals throughout Latin America that now offers MIS thanks to equipment payment programs, and physician training, both offered by Medtronic. Other hospitals and health care professionals are offered educational programs and mentorships to raise awareness about the benefits of MIS.

An effort that these surgeons say is making a difference for their patients.

“Patients can’t afford to stay put for too long,” says Dr. Prestes. “We have to get that person on a quicker path to living a normal life. And that’s what we’re doing.”