Below is a selection of excerpts from the countless messages we’ve received from patients, providers, employees, and friends of Earl.


Without this man’s wisdom, vision, passion to help others, and life-long dedication to the Medtronic Mission, none of us would be where we are today — proudly working for the greatest company in the world: Medtronic.

-Charlie Britt, Medtronic employee
Charlie Britt and Earl Bakken

Charlie Britt and Earl Bakken

...[Earl] had such a huge impact on Minnesota and so many people, including me.

-R.T. Rybak, President and CEO, The Minneapolis Foundation

A good man who did great things. One of my heroes. #EarlBakken Ready, Fire, Aim

-Cheryl Moeller, Executive Director at High Tech Kids, Former Medtronic employee

I was fortunate indeed to have been hired as the first European employee for Medtronic [in 1967]. I thought I would probably stay a few years with this young American company nobody had (yet) heard of. I retired from Medtronic some 42+ years later. Twenty of those exciting years I had the honor to work directly for [Earl] as his Executive Assistant, I cannot begin to express my gratitude. Aloha and God bless.

-Tinie Haagsma, Medtronic retiree


When I introduced myself and told him I work in Human Resources, he said 'We need you. We started with 2 employees, and now have over 80,000. We couldn’t do that without HR.' It was a very special moment.

-Suzanne Diercksen, Medtronic employee
Suzanne Diercksen and Earl Bakken

Suzanne Diercksen and Earl Bakken


My four Medtronic pacemakers have been helping to keep me alive since I was 35. Now I’m 58 and going strong. Thank you to the innovator and entrepreneur Earl Bakken, who has helped so many failing hearts.

-Margaret Kruse, patient

He would stand up in front of ALL the employees during the annual Christmas party and say, ‘It doesn't matter if you're the janitor or the CEO, your job is important and without you the company couldn't operate.’ I will NEVER forget those words!

-Deborah Bickers, former Medtronic employee
Earl Bakken at Holiday Program

Earl Bakken Holiday Program


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