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Physicians included in the InterStim™ Center of Excellence (COE) program have been recognized by Medtronic for demonstrating exemplary use of the InterStim™ system and a commitment to patient care for those suffering from symptoms associated with overactive bladder (OAB), fecal incontinence (FI) and non-obstructive urinary retention.

Requirements to achieve InterStim™ Center of Excellence designation are as follows:

Clinical and Patient Care Pathway Implemented:

  • Physician has established a branded care pathway (based on AUA/SUFU guidelines).

Medical Education: 

  • Physician has completed pre-designated Medtronic education courses on patient selection, lead placement, and post-implant management.

Therapy Proficiency: 

  • Physician has implanted minimum of 100 patients with the InterStim™ system and maintains 50+ implants annually (rolling 12 months via DART); or
  • If physician is national faculty for medical education sanctioned events, but has not met minimum implant threshold, their disease state expertise demonstrates proficiency with our therapy.

Board Certification:

  • Physician is board certified in urology, obstetrics and gynecology or urogynecology (FPMRS certified).

Advanced Therapies Penetration:

  • Physician has demonstrated an ability to move patients through the care pathway to third line therapies (BotoxTM*, PTNM, and SNM procedures).

Medtronic does not charge and physicians do not pay to be included on this list. Medtronic provides this information as a service and has no vested interest in any specific physicians. Designation as an InterStim™ Center of Excellence should not be construed as a recommendation, assurance or guarantee with respect to a physician or practice. Some physicians on this list may purchase products from Medtronic or may act as paid consultants to Medtronic. As with any medical treatment, the decision to use the InterStim™ system should only be made in connection with consultation with your doctor.

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