STANDARD AND SUPPLEMENTAL WARRANTY Restorative Therapies Group Brain, Pain, and Pelvic Health


Medtronic is committed to assisting hospitals with managing the complexities of product warranties. The warranty information on this page is specific to U.S. Medtronic Restorative Therapy Group (RTG) product lines, which includes active implantable neuromodulation systems.


Medtronic has a defined standard warranty process for RTG products suspected to be functioning outside of normal tolerances. When initiating a warranty request, the following must occur within 30 days of the replacement procedure date:

  • Submit a Medtronic standard and supplemental warranty claim on the Medtronic Connect Customer portal within 30 days replacement procedure.
  • Return the product to the Medtronic Return Product Analysis Lab within 30 days of the product replacement procedure. For full leads not explanted, return appropriate clinical data (i.e., device stored electrogram strips or full save-to-disk) within 30 days of the replacement procedure, showing failure of the lead to function within normal tolerances. 
    • The Medtronic Return Product Analysis Lab’s address is: 7000 Central Ave NE, RCC156 Minneapolis, MN 55432.

  • Medtronic will analyze the returned product and/or lead clinical data. The analysis must confirm the product was functioning outside of normal tolerances or was at the recommended replacement time within the warranty period.


Medtronic Connect Warranty

Customers can use the Medtronic Connect portal to quickly and conveniently submit warranty claims, view claim status and history, and download reports.

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Medtronic also has a dedicated warranty team to help answer any warranty related questions. The team may be reached directly via email at or via phone at 877-359-6407.

Return Mailer Kit

Order a kit to return explanted products to Medtronic. The kit and shipping are free of charge if the pre-applied USPS shipping label is used. The kit received should be used only for a Medtronic device that has been explanted from the body.

Warranty Status Check

Medtronic Connect portal also offers a quick and convenient way to view claim status, history and download reports.

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If the Medtronic Connect portal is not accessible, the following electronic warranty form will allow hospital personnel to enter and save key repeatable fields (such as account name and account number). This warranty form can be downloaded and saved to your desktop or shared drive.


Medtronic Warranty Team