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Discover the latest advancements in VAD therapy, including the Carbothane driveline and Autologs™ 1.3. This is HVAD, enhanced.
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Carbothane Driveline

flexibility and Increased durabilty 

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The Carbothane driveline was designed with your patients’ needs in mind and with the goal of continuing to improve driveline management. The enhanced driveline now features:

  • A UV-resistant outer sheath to inhibit cracking and discoloration.1
  • Increased flexibility, enabling patients to bend and secure the driveline to their abdomen for a more comfortable placement.1
  • The same small outer diameter as the previous Pellethane® HVAD driveline (4.8 mm).
  • Redundant pacemaker-grade wires.

Since the Carbothane driveline launched in the U.S. in 2018, there has been a reduction in the reported incidence of driveline infections.2


Smart technology

Discover autologs, made easier. This is HVAD Enhanced with autologs 1.3.

Autologs 1.3 delivers

  • Faster access to important patient data:  New report delivery options are now provided to better fit into the clinical workflow.
  • Deeper insight into the chronology of events: Visualization tools and a detailed list of alarm and event notifications are now available.
  • Greater convenience: The site offers convenient summary statistics for easier interpretation of pump performance.
iPad illustration showing Autologs 1.2 interface

Learn more about Autologs and Waveforms for patient management.


2011 2016 2018 2019 2020
Close up image of product sintering

Introduced HVAD sintering, increased coring tool diameter, optimized antiplatelet therapy3

Image of HVAD controller

Introduced Controller 2.0, the latest HVAD Controller providing patients greater freedom with fewer battery changes and fewer alarms.

Two surgical tools on white background

Introduced optimized surgical tools to accommodate various implant procedures.

Incorporated a driveline, enhanced with Carbothane, designed to provide increased durability and flexibility.

Image of an HVAD Autologs report

Introduced Autologs 1.2, delivering comprehensive logfile data in seconds and streamlining device management.

Finger clicking on tablet by man with white shirt and blue pants

Introduced Autologs 1.3 for greater convenience and faster access to important pump data.

2020 AND BEYOND Continuous Innovation Imagine What's Next.


Compared to the previous Pellethane HVAD driveline.



Medtronic data on file.


Medtronic data on file: Dubuc J. Worksheet: U.S. Pelle vs. U.S. Carbo; May 1, 2020.


Slaughter MS, Pagani FD, McGee EC, et al. HeartWare ventricular assist system for bridge to transplant: combined results of the bridge to transplant and continued access protocol trial. J Heart Lung Transplant. July 2013;32(7):675-683.

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