How do I fix MyCareLink™ patient monitor error code?



If you see error code 3230, a red question mark, or error code 3248 on your MyCareLink™ patient monitor (MCLM) screen, this indicates that the reader is not communicating with the MCLM base or reader battery has a low charge and needs to be recharged.

There are three common reasons for this issue: 

  1. The reader is not on the MCLM base and has powered off.
  2. The reader is out of range of the MCLM base. Always stay next to the MCLM base while sending a manual transmission.
  3. The reader has no battery life remaining.

To resolve error code 3230 or 3248, first confirm whether the MCLM has been plugged into an electrical outlet for at least 1 hour with the MCLM reader firmly on top of the base.

If the MCLM has not been plugged for an hour:

  1. Pick up the reader and re-dock it by replacing the reader firmly on the base. Confirm that the lights on the front of the reader flash and then let the battery in the reader charge for at least 1 hour.
  2. Once the reader is charged, send a manual transmission.

If the MCLM has been plugged in for at least an hour:

  1. Power down the reader to re-establish a connection to the MCLM base.
    • Place the reader back on the base. Wait a few seconds.
    • If the blue light is solid, then complete a manual transmission.
    • If the blue light is flashing, do the above steps again up to three times. If the blue light continues to flash, proceed to step 2.
  2. Lift the reader off the MCLM base, re-dock the reader firmly, and wait 20 seconds. During this 20-second period, do not touch the MCLM or reader. Next, complete a manual transmission.
    • If the lights on the front of the reader do not flash when re-docking the reader, reboot the MCLM by unplugging the power cord, wait 30 seconds, and then plug the power cord back in.
    • Wait one minute and then pick up the reader and re-dock it.
    • If the lights do not flash repeat the re-docking process two more times. If lights still do not flash, equipment replacement may be required.

If you are not able to resolve the error code following the steps above, order a replacement reader below for further assistance.

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