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Now is your chance to gain greater insight into your Afib and help make a difference for other patients — join our DEFINE AFib research study. By joining this study, you will have unique access to see the data regarding your health condition.

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What is the DEFINE AFib research study?

The DEFINE AFib research study aims to improve the understanding of how data from the Reveal LINQ or LINQ II insertable cardiac monitor (ICM) can be used to guide the management of Afib. We will use a combination of device data, electronic health records, and health app data to evaluate the association between complex patterns of Afib and clinical outcomes, quality of life, and healthcare visits.

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Be a part of the research, get access to your Afib data.

By participating in the DEFINE AFib research study, you’ll have special access to data from your Reveal LINQ or LINQ II ICM that shows you average daily Afib duration for a week and/or a month.

All patient data shown within images is fictitious and for demonstration purposes only.

Why your participation matters.

This nationwide app-based observational research study — sponsored by Medtronic — can’t succeed without support from people who:

  • Have a Medtronic Reveal LINQ or LINQ II ICM
  • Have a history of Afib
  • Have an Apple® iPhone® 6s or newer model with iOS 13 or later

The surveys you answer about your symptoms, engagement with your healthcare system, and quality of life, combined with the data your Reveal LINQ or LINQ II ICM captures, provide us with insights to help guide the management of Afib in the future. Patients will be able to view their daily Afib duration data with their Reveal LINQ or LINQ II ICM.*

*The display of your device data on the app is not intended to be a substitute for medical diagnosis or treatment. The device data displayed on the app may not be reviewed by your healthcare provider. 

How do I sign up?

Participation is safe, easy, and convenient.

To participate in DEFINE AFib research study, your clinic must be an approved study site. If you have received this website URL from someone other than your physician or clinic staff, please call 1-833-833-8321 or please contact us to confirm your clinic’s participation in DEFINE AFib research study.

The Medtronic Discovery app is on the Apple App Store®. Select the DEFINE AFib research study and start enrollment. Once you are confirmed as a qualified participant, you will be asked to answer a few short surveys a month which will only take minutes to complete. Surveys will be sent to you throughout the duration of the 3- to 5-year study.

Download app using the link above or aim your smartphone camera at the QR code to install the app.

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