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75% of patients treated with IN.PACT™ Admiral™ DCB remain reintervention-free at five years.1

Long-term outcomes

IN.PACT Admiral continues to demonstrate long-term clinical outcomes, even in patients considered to be at high risk of restenosis and repeat interventions.

Freedom from CD-TLR through five years:

  • 74.5% IN.PACT SFA Trial1
  • 58.0% IN.PACT Global ISR Cohort2
  • 67.3% IN.PACT Global Long Lesion Cohort2
  • 69.8% IN.PACT Global CTO Cohort2

IN.PACT Admiral DCB has the:

  • Highest patency benefit through three years compared to PTA†1
  • Lowest CD-TLR rate through five years1
  • Most publications for a DCB

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Proven formulation

The IN.PACT Admiral DCB features a proprietary FreePac coating solution that allows for the release of drug into the tissue through the restenotic window.

Duration of paclitaxel in tissue
IN.PACT Admiral DCB provides 180 days of drug in tissue.§3

Bar chart showing the number of days paclitaxel can be measured in tissue for IN.PACT Admiral, Lutonix, Ranger, and Stellarex

Impact on patient care

Watch Dr. Ehrin Armstrong speak about the benefits and clinical evidence to support IN.PACT Admiral as his DCB of choice.
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Meet Robert Canterbury, who was diagnosed with peripheral artery disease (PAD), and see how IN.PACT Admiral DCB helped get him back on his feet.
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Primary patency not assessed after three years.

Publications on file with Medtronic.


Data comes from different individual studies and may differ in a head-to-head comparison, and therefore may not be predictive of clinical results.



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