Silence is not golden. 
Life is.

Fatigue, dizziness, or shortness of breath? These can be symptoms of aortic stenosis (AS). Learn what to look for and how to speak up.

Patients with aortic stenosis

My AS Journey toolkit

My AS Journey is an interactive toolkit that provides educational materials and resources to help patients with aortic stenosis understand how to navigate their next steps. 

The My AS Journey interactive toolkit is designed to meet patients, like you, at four key times along their journey. 

Download the My AS Journey toolkit today!

Now available in English and Spanish:

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My AS Journey videos

The following videos offer highlights of each stop along the way.

STOP 1: Diagnosed with aortic stenosis — what now?

STOP 2: Weighing your treatment options

STOP 3: Preparing for treatment

STOP 4: Recovery and getting back to active living

Symptoms of AS

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, talk to your cardiologist right away.

Chest pain

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Feeling dizzy or light-headed

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Difficulty walking short distances

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Trouble breathing or feeling out of breath

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Rapid, fluttering heartbeat

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Patient testimonials

Meet Julia, Darian, and Gary.

Many people with aortic stenosis assume their symptoms are signs of aging — so they don’t speak up. Don’t suffer in silence. Watch this video featuring three patients with aortic stenosis. They spoke up, listened to their heart, and sought treatment.