Help spread the
word about PAD

Raising awareness of identifying PAD is important to help ensure patients get the screenings and treatments they need. We’d like to help make it easy for you to spread the word about PAD in your community by providing you with complimentary tools to help identify symptoms of peripheral artery disease (PAD).

Resources for you 

You can download patient education collateral to use in your clinic or on your website, including a brochure and poster in both English and Spanish. You’ll also find a short video that explains PAD and includes a PAD assessment patients can complete and share their results with their provider. Additional materials are available to support education of patients in your community.

Send a request online or ask your Medtronic representative to receive printed materials.

Patient brochure

Get the facts on PAD. Download a booklet that describes the connection between PAD and leg pain.

Clinic poster

Download a printable poster for your clinic to start a conversation about PAD and leg pain.

Awareness screening card

Download a screening card to use in your clinic to start a conversation about PAD and leg pain.

PAD awareness presentation

Download and use this presentation resource when educating patients on the signs, symptoms, and risk factors of PAD.

Online screening tool

Give your patients easy access to a short educational video that explains PAD symptoms and includes a simple assessment. Patients can share their results with their providers.

Use this link on your own website to connect patients to this video tool:

Therapy awareness programs

Therapy awareness programs (TAP) are jointly conducted events that educate people in your community and expand awareness about PAD. These events are conducted as a collaboration between a treating physician and Medtronic.

  • Deliver patient-targeted PAD education
  • Discuss signs and symptoms of PAD
  • Highlight effective PAD therapies
  • Distribute PAD education resources

If you are using Medtronic therapies and want to do more to educate in your community, send us a message to learn more about the TAP program.

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