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Access INsight

With Stealth™ tractography

Access greater insights with enhanced visualization and advanced technology striving to improve outcomes for brain surgery patients.

Go beyond DTI with Stealth tractography

Stealth tractography implements both standard and enhanced CSD techniques:

  • Tractography modeling is built into the Stealth S8 cranial application.
  • Enhanced CSD visualization better resolves crossing fibers and better identifies white matter tracts in presence of edema compared to DTI.
  • Stealth tractography displays enhanced, more anatomically complete fiber tracts in context to relevant structures and relationships.
  • The technology allows you to explore safe corridors and margins to reduce neurological impact.

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CSD tractography better resolves crossing fibers compared to DTI

Display more complete fiber tracks compared to standard DTI.

Probabilistic fiber tracking and a higher-order model of diffusion enables identification of multiple fiber directions in a voxel to address crossing fibers limitation of the DTI technique.

DTI has limitations in building fiber tracts when edema is present


Visualization of brain fibers with CSD imaging


Visualization of brain fibers with DTI imaging

CSD performs better even in the presence of edema, compared to diffusion tensor imaging (DTI).