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OsteoCool™ RF ablation and Kyphon™ balloon kyphoplasty provide treatment options for patients in pain, backed by powerful clinical outcomes.

Osteocool™ RF Ablation — SIR 2021 Abstract of the Year

The OPuS One clinical study of 206 patients demonstrated improvement in pain relief1-2 and quality of life that was:

  • Swift — 3 days post procedure (P < 0.0001)1,2
  • Significant  Improvement at all visits (P < 0.0001 for all visits)1,2
  • Sustained — Long-term improvements through 12 months
    (P < 0.0001 for all visits)1,2

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Kyphon™ balloon Kyphoplasty For treating VCF

Unmatched commitment to the advancement of a minimally invasive therapy, and to thinking beyond the procedure

  • Powerful evidence — mortality data3-6 and clinically demonstrated pain relief for VCF patients, plus better VCF outcomes than non-surgical management9
  • Flexible — procedural options to meet physician & patient needs 
  • Commitment — 20+ years of treating VCF patients 
  • Standardization — with the VCF Care Pathway 

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Pre-ablation worst pain was 8.2 decreasing to 5.6 (n=94) at 3 days, 4.7 (n=89) at 1 week, 3.9 (n=64) at 1 month, 3.7 (n=46) at 3 months, and 3.5 (n=22) at 6 months. P<0.0001 all visits.