Living with your
InterStim X™ system.

Life with your InterStim™ system starts today! This information will help you get started: 

Therapy guide
Understand how to use your programmer and communicator, and learn how to prepare yourself if you need an MRI in the future.

Symptom diary
Track your symptoms before follow-up visits with your healthcare provider, or as needed to optimize your programming.

Watch a tutorial.

This quick video covers everything you need to know about your programmer, including how to adjust your stimulation and change programs as directed by your healthcare provider.

Helpful tips

  • Follow guidelines and instructions from your healthcare provider to turn on your therapy.
  • When your therapy is initially turned on, you may feel a sensation that most people describe as a tingling, flutter, or vibration in the pelvic area. It should not be painful. That sensation may dissipate over time, and you may eventually feel nothing. This is normal and does not mean adjustments need to be made. As long as you’re having 50% or greater symptom improvement, the therapy is working.
  • Remember your programmer and communicator need to be charged. Please bring your fully charged equipment to each appointment.
  • Your programmer does not have to be on for your InterStim™ system to be working.