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Healthcare professionals

Bold thinking for better outcomes

Big data, digitization, and advances in AI are helping tailor treatment to patients like never before.

Our technologies are creating a bold new era in personalized medicine. We are driven to prioritize better outcomes above all. So we work closely with you to introduce therapies and products, optimizing treatments and business solutions to promote healthier networks. Innovation alone isn’t enough.

End-to-end procedural support across a broad spectrum of therapies

Our innovations improve two lives per second and treat more than 70 conditions in the human body. Get information on our innovative therapies, the clinical evidence that supports them, and the educational resources you need to master them.

Cardiac Surgeries

Medtronic offers the broadest range of innovative healthcare technology for the treatment of cardiac and vascular diseases and arrhythmias, helping solve even the most complicated challenges.

Supporting the right procedure for the right patient

Healthcare technology

Improving people’s lives with groundbreaking tech

How we reinvent care through artificial intelligence, data insights, and robotic-assisted surgery

Medical Education

Being a clinician requires focus and adaptability as products and techniques evolve. The Academia Medical Education Program is designed to help individuals at all experience levels learn more about emerging technologies and innovative solutions.

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* The single chamber Micra Transcatheter Pacing System is being described herein as Micra VR in order to distinguish it from the dual chamber (VDD) Micra AV product. When information in this document relates to both Micra AV and VR, “Micra Transcatheter Pacing Systems” is used to represent the portfolio of devices.

  1. Ritter P, Duray GZ, Zhang S, et al. The rationale and design of the Micra Transcatheter Pacing Study: safety and efficacy of a novel miniaturized pacemaker. Europace. May 2015;17(5):807-813.