We’re dedicated to supporting our partners during the COVID-19 crisis so patients can continue to receive the care they need. Here are some ways we’re helping healthcare teams expand virtual care and patient access to these offerings.

Remote Cardiac PATIENT Management

  • COVID-19 Care Pathway Strategy: Post-procedure Care and Remote Patient Management This COVID-19 recovery strategies module was designed for healthcare leaders, cardiac device clinic nurses, and clinic staff who follow implanted devices and want to favorably impact patient adoption of remote monitoring, clinic capacity, and staffing at their facilities.
  • Managing Patients Remotely: Exclusive Innovations for Remote Cardiac Patient Management Remote device programming and reprogramming can help reduce the need for direct patient interaction.
  • Remote Management: Remote Programmer Control With increasing restrictions and scrutiny around noncritical vendor access in the hospital setting, the CareLink™ 2090 Programmer with Remote Control™ capabilities can provide remote support of CIED implant and device interrogation. This can allow for remote resource coordination, while reducing the risk of exposure for both patients and support.
  • Remote Management: Remote Programming Options Learn more about remote device management from any patient care setting within the hospital: Critical care, Inpatient, Cath lab, Surgery center, Patient clinic, etc.

Remote Patient Monitoring

  • Remote Monitoring: Using Remote Patient Monitoring to Manage Patient Health and Recovery Remote patient monitoring programs use technology and patient support services to monitor patients’ health status over time outside of conventional clinical settings. Learn more about how remote patient monitoring can help manage patient health and recovery.
  • COVID-19 Virtual Care Evaluation and Monitoring Solution: In-home evaluation, remote monitoring, and care escalation support The Medtronic COVID-19 Virtual Care Evaluation and Monitoring solution combines a virtual assistant symptom survey and registered nurse command center to help assess, monitor, and triage support for patients who may be concerned about potential COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Medtronic Care Management Services: Respiratory Infectious Disease Health Check The Respiratory Infectious Disease Health Check helps patients with chronic, co-morbid health conditions who are at the highest risk for complications or mortality associated with COVID-19 track their respiratory infectious disease symptoms and body temperature through daily health checks. It is an included add-on to all Medtronic Care Management Services remote patient monitoring programs.

Ventilator Remote Control

  • Mechanical Ventilation: Puritan Bennett™ 980 Remote Access Omnitool Software Learn more about how Omnitool software provides clinicians with remote control access to the Puritan Bennett™ 980 ventilator. Omnitool software allows clinicians to remotely view and adjust the ventilator settings outside of a patient room, improving workflow to help reduce PPE use.

educational opportunities

Explore educational resources about virtual care. Some content may require registration to access.


  • July 23, 2020 - Remote Monitoring Today: Keeping Patients and Staff Safe at Home Free Medtronic Academy registration and login required. This educational webinar covers one clinic’s experience with remote scheduling, transferring patients from office to remote management, and establishing infrastructure and tools that you may consider to better serve your patients.
  • July 23, 2020 - Remote Monitoring Today: Navigate and Reduce Data Overflow Free Medtronic Academy registration and login required. Remote monitoring requires a robust practice workflow to successfully manage data generated to enable better patient care while optimizing devices and clinical resources. This educational webinar covers one clinic’s experience with alert management in CareLink™, and best practices for setting up, programming, reviewing, and managing CareAlert™ notifications that you may consider to better serve your patients.
  • June 18, 2020 - Leveraging Remote Patient Management Options During COVID-19 Recovery Free Medtronic Academy registration and login required. Learn more from our expert panel about applying expanded remote management capabilities at every point of care for CIED patients.

App-based Ventilator Training


The following resources on virtual care have been collected from healthcare organizations, consultancies, and other industry experts.


Advisory Board, a membership-based consulting firm that provides best practices and strategic insight to nearly 5,000 health care organizations, is making its COVID-19 research and webinars publicly available to help you navigate the crisis via its COVID-19 Resource Page. Medtronic is a subscribing member of Advisory Board’s syndicated research programs.
COVID-19 Resource Page

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