Introducing the GI Genius™ AI Access™ platform

Accelerating AI innovation in healthcare

It’s more than a box – GI Genius™ intelligent endoscopy module was designed with the power and flexibility to host multiple AI algorithms.

In collaboration with Cosmo Intelligent Medical Devices (IMD) and NVIDIA technology, we are excited to introduce the Innovation Center. This  enables AI developers to train and validate next generation AI models through the GI Genius™ module.

GI Genius product

Designed for the future — AI Access™ platform  

Statements are prospective and do not necessarily represent the aspects of any future marketed product.

An Innovation Center created to accelerate AI advancement in healthcare

The  Innovation Center was created for developers to design, test, and deploy new AI applications through a simulated environment of the GI Genius™ operating system. 

Our vision

Engage the talent of the AI developer community to partner in strategic business relationships

Access a virtual sandbox to test medical AI models in an environment that simulates the GI Genius module with NVIDIA capabilities.
*powered by NVIDIA 

Accelerate AI innovation and scale development across medical AI applications

Be part of AI innovation 

The AI developer community can directly contribute to accelerating AI for clinical care.  

The value of the Innovation Center is to reduce time-to-market with the help of Cosmo IMD experience and services and accelerate development to a commercially available technology.  

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Basics about the Innovation Center

The Innovation Center is a potential solution for developers that have:

  • identified an unmet clinical need to solve it with AI
  • data necessary to train the identified AI algorithm
  • ground truth associated with the collected data

If the AI software is chosen, the Innovation Center will provide:

  • software development kit to make the algorithm ready for production
  • complete development from early prototyping on a PC to necessary testing for regulatory approval
  • after all regulatory requirements are met there will be an opportunity to distribute the newly created AI software to a real-time AI platform in the GI medical device market

Cosmo IMD will facilitate the engagement at the Innovation Center to ensure the process is clear for those that want to contribute to advancements in healthcare.

The future distribution of the algorithm will be through GI Genius™  system which is managed by the Medtronic gastrointestinal business. Additional details will be available on the standard agreement terms.


Steps to develop AI algorithms for the GI Genius™ system

Train the model

Train the AI model with the data and the ground truth with the preferred Machine Learning framework (e.g., PyTorch). 

the app

Receive  a user login at the Innovation Center to leverage the libraries and tools contained in the AI Access™ developer kit, which contains a software development kit to build the app that runs the trained model. 

Test the

Test the application using the testing tools available in the AI Access™ developer kit.


All third-party algorithms that will be hosted by the GI Genius™ module are required to meet regulatory requirements and enter into a business agreement between Medtronic and Cosmo IMD.

The decision to move forward with an application will be determined by Cosmo IMD and/or Medtronic.

More about the AI Access™ developer kit  

Use the AI Access™ developer kit on a PC or server to test the app to evaluate the functionality and performance.  

Through the Innovation Center, access the cloud-based testing environment to virtually test the app on production hardware.  

Secure an on-premise AI Access developer kit to test the model in the final stage of development.  

The Innovation Center is designed to scale AI development and help accelerate new software as a medical device through regulatory requirements with feasible testing and strategic partnerships. 

Frequently asked questions

Medtronic strives to be a best-in-class artificial intelligence (AI) company – our vision is to help scale innovation and enable access to relevant and responsible AI solutions in healthcare.

We believe in our unique technology and expertise to bring new AI solutions to the marketplace. 

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The technology depicted is in development and is not commercialized or available for sale in any region. Any statements about functionality or features are forward looking in nature and do not necessarily represent the functionality of any eventually marketed product.


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