Policy on Interaction Regarding Off-Label Use

Welcome to Medtronic’s Medical Education Faculty Training regarding managing interactions related to Off-Label Uses of our products.

For non-technical support or for policy and training related questions, issues, concerns, and feedback, contact us.

Policy Training and Compliance

The objective of this training is to provide you with the tools and information you need to understand Medtronic’s Updated Policy on Interactions Regarding Off-Label Use, the importance of policy compliance, and what it means for you.

While our Off-Label Use policy does not apply to or limit your treatment of patients, it is critical when it comes to our collaboration with you. A healthcare professional who provides services as a Medical Education Faculty Member at Medtronic sponsored education events is viewed by the government as an agent of Medtronic. Generally, the same standards that apply to Medtronic employees and agents also apply to Medtronic’s Medical Education Faculty. As such, you are held to the same ethical business practices and commitment to integrity that govern Medtronic itself.

We appreciate your recognition and understanding of these limitations, and the time you are taking to complete the training. Compliance with the policy will help avoid penalties, potential non-compliance violations, and actual or perceived Off-Label Use promotion.

We hope you find this training useful and informative. Thank you.

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