SAVR vs. TAVR: lifetime management for patients

Cardiac surgeons Dr. Michael Reardon from Houston Methodist and Dr. Bradley Leshnower from Emory University with interventional cardiologist Dr. Sachin Goel from Houston Methodist discuss SAVR versus TAVR. Topics include: which patients benefit from SAVR procedures, considerations for optimizing SAVR via root enlargement, and lifetime patient management as it relates to SAVR versus TAVR procedures.

Segment 1: Lifetime management and considerations

Segment 2: Bicuspid, endocarditis, and anticoagulation

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Convention recap

2022 STS highlights

Don't miss the discussions where Dr. Gene Grossi from NYU talks with experts regarding the 2022 STS annual meeting. Our expert panel includes Dr. Jessica Forcillo from the University of Montreal, Dr. Shinichi Fukuhara from the University of Michigan, Dr. Jessica Luc from the University of British Columbia, and Dr. Tom Nguyen from UCSF.

2022 ACC/AHA coronary revascularization guidelines

A discussion of the new controversial ACC/AHA guideline updates, which reduced the level of evidence for CABG as a treatment for CAD patients with three-vessel disease and normal LV function. The panel provides a rebuttal on the benefits of CABG versus medical therapy and the reduction in class designation for CABG, as well as the use of the ISCHEMIA and other similar trials for drawing such comparative evidence conclusions.

2021 EACTS highlights

Listen in to hear Professor Pieter Kappetein, Chief Medical Officer and Vice President of Cardiac Surgery at Medtronic, Professor Bart Meuris of UZ Leuven in Belgium, and Professor Martin Andreas of the Medical University of Vienna discuss highlights from the 2021 EACTS annual conference.

Valve repair and replacement

Extracorporeal life support



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