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When your job is to deliver world-class patient care, Medtronic is behind you — leveraging the full power of technology to address your toughest challenges. 


The LINQ II™ insertable cardiac monitoring system is the world’s most accurate ICM,1-4 personalized for the patient’s lifestyle and customized for the clinician’s workflow.

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Micra AV

The latest in leadless pacing, Micra™ AV opens the door for you to treat more patients with AV synchrony technology.

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Cobalt and Crome

Introducing a new portfolio of premium ICDs and CRT-Ds with exclusive algorithms designed to drive innovation forward.

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Additional Products

Azure Pacing System

Completely redesigned for secure,5 wireless communication via BlueSync™ technology, Azure™ is enabled to communicate directly with a patient-owned mobile platform.
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Percepta CRT-Ps

Personalized cardiac resynchronization therapy through diagnostic and therapeutic algorithms allows you to offer tailored therapy for your patient's needs.
Learn about Percepta
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Innovation Stories

See how technology trends are shaping our industry and how we are innovating to support you, your patients, and your healthcare systems. 

Extended Reality — Innovation for Physician Training

See how extended reality technology is used to train physicians to implant Micra.

Smaller, Smarter, Healthier — MIT White Paper

New medical technologies are revolutionizing chronic care management.

White paper image

Virtual Anatomy Table — New View of Implantable Devices

An interactive, touch screen-enabled, virtual anatomy table.

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