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MRI SureScan Systems Training

The Cardiology and Radiology SureScan systems trainings are available on Medtronic Academy. To take the training now, you will be rerouted and required to log in to complete the course. Per FDA labeling, these trainings are required to be completed prior to performing MRI scans on SureScan cardiac device patients.

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Continuing Education Video

Performing MRI Exams on Patients with a SureScan Pacing System or ICD — Narrated by William Faulkner 

Performing MRI Exams with SureScan Video - (40:43)

Watch this video to learn more about performing MRIs on patients with SureScan pacing systems or ICDs.
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This CE video has been developed to help healthcare professionals gain a better understanding of SureScan pacing and defibrillation systems. After watching this video, participants will have learned:

  • How the SureScan pacing and defibrillation systems differ from conventional pacemakers and ICDs
  • MRI scanning conditions for safely scanning SureScan device patients at 1.5T and 3T
  • How to identify if a patient has an MRI pacing or defibrillation system
  • Device labeling with regard to MR-safe or MR-conditional

CRT systems are not yet included in this video.

Northwest Imaging Forums is the third party overseeing the CE accreditation for this video. To obtain the certificate, you need to register for the course at and take the required quiz associated with the accreditation. After you've completed the quiz and have obtained the required passing score, Northwest Imaging Forums, Inc. will provide you the certificate.