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Achieve and Achieve Advance Mapping Catheters

Cardiac Ablation for Atrial Fibrillation


The Achieve and Achieve Advance™ Mapping Catheters are intra-cardiac electrophysiology diagnostic catheters designed for use with the Arctic Front™ Family of Cardiac Cryoablation Catheters and the FlexCath Contour Steerable Sheath.

Product Details

The Achieve and Achieve Advance Mapping Catheters are intra-cardiac electrophysiology diagnostic catheters, which allow for the assessment of pulmonary vein isolation during the cryoablation procedure. The catheter is deployed through the cryoballoon guide wire lumen, minimizing the number of catheter exchanges and allowing the procedure to be performed using a single transseptal puncture. The Achieve catheter may also provide recording of real-time PV potentials during cryoablation with the cryoballoon.

The distal mapping section of the Achieve Mapping Catheter is a circular loop with eight evenly spaced electrodes for mapping electrical conduction between the left atrium and pulmonary veins. The catheter may also be used for cardiac stimulation during electrophysiology studies. The Achieve catheter features a cable with eight shielded ECG pins to connect into standard EP recording and pacing equipment.

The new Achieve Advance Mapping Catheter was developed to allow for iteration and innovation and offers the following:

  • Solid core design which provides an extendable platform to allow future device enhancements
  • An additional 25mm loop size which may improve ability to visualize TTI and accommodate varied PV anatomy
  • Compatibility with cardioversion to reduce the need to remove catheters


How do the Achieve catheters work?

Watch the animation below to see how the Achieve mapping catheters are used with the cryoballoon in the treatment of AF.

For more detailed product information about the Achieve and Achieve Advance Mapping Catheters, including specs, visit Medtronic Academy.