AcQCross™️ Qx Integrated Transseptal Dilator/Needle

AcQCross™ is an integrated transseptal solution with a zero exchange workflow and pairs with commercially available sheaths for both mechanical and radiofrequency (RF) crossing.


The first and only transseptal access system specifically engineered to pair with commercially available sheaths, including the Medtronic FlexCath Advance™ steerable sheath.

The AcQCross™ system enables a zero exchange transseptal workflow, which adds efficiencies and simplifies left atrial access procedures. AcQCross™ is the only transseptal access system on the market cleared for both mechanical and RF crossing.

Product benefits

Zero exchange workflow

The integrated needle/dilator design removes the need for needle, guidewire, transseptal, and therapeutic sheath exchanges. AcQCross™ helps reduce procedural time of transseptal access by up to 49.9% on average in comparison to traditional mechanical solutions.1,2

Zero sheath exchanges

Dilators compatible with leading industry sheaths eliminate the need for separate transseptal and therapeutic sheaths.


average reduction in time for transseptal access1,2

Versatility for your procedures

Choose the AcQCross™ model that fits with your existing sheath preferences for transseptal access. AcQCross™ is compatible with the following industry-leading introducers and with both mechanical and RF crossing.

Close-up of Medtronic FlexCath Advance steerable sheath on white background

Medtronic FlexCath Advance™ Steerable Sheath

Close-up of Abbott Agilis NxT steerable introducer on white background

Abbott Agilis™* NxT Steerable Introducer

Close-up of Acutus AcQGuide MINI catheter on white background

Acutus Medical AcQGuide™ MINI

Close-up of BioSense Webster CARTO VIZIGO bi-directional guiding sheath on white background

BioSense Webster CARTO™* VIZIGO™* Bi-directional Guiding Sheath

Close-up of Watchman TruSeal access system on white background

Watchman™* TruSeal™* Access System

Close-up of the Merit Medical HeartSpan sheath introducer on white background

Merit Medical HeartSpan™* Sheath Introducer

Close-up of the Abbott Swartz braided SL1 transseptal guiding introducer on white background

Abbott Swartz™* Braided Transseptal Guiding Introducer, SL1

Cross with control.

The AcQCross™ needle only deploys when activated, designed for ease of control during transseptal puncture.

AcQCross Qx dilator and needle on white background

Product information


AcQCross dilator and needle with numbered spec callouts
  1. Guidewire
  2. Conforms to any sheath curve
  3. Integrated needle (advances 4 mm)
  4. Dilator shaft
  5. EGM or RF energy connector
  6. Needle slide button
  7. Luer fitting guidewire lumen

Ordering information

Product name

Product description

Order number

AcQCross — AG 61 cm

Agilis NxT — 61 cm


AcQCross — AG 71 cm

Agilis NxT — 71 cm


AcQCross — SL 63 cm

SL1 — 63 cm


AcQCross — SL 81 cm

SL1 — 81 cm


AcQCross — VZ 71 cm



AcQCross — FC 65 cm

FlexCath Advance — 65 cm


AcQCross — MH 63 cm

Merit Medical HeartSpan Sheath — 63 cm


AcQCross — MH 81 cm

Merit Medical HeartSpan Sheath — 81 cm


AcQCross — WT 75 cm

Watchman TruSeal Access System — 75 cm


AcQGuide MINI-S with RF 65 cm — L2

65 cm, 90 deg, 8.5 F ID, 11 F OD


Competitive comparison







Integrated guidewire design reduces exchanges


Indicated for use mechanically or with RF


Reposition without requiring wire/needle exchange



Engineered to pair with leading sheaths

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™Third-party brands are trademarks of their respective owners. All other brands are trademarks of a Medtronic company. AcQCross™ and AcQGuide™ are manufactured by Acutus Medical and exclusively distributed by Medtronic.



Rizzi S, Pannone L, Monaco C, et al. First experience with a transseptal puncture using a novel transseptal crossing device with integrated dilator and needle. J Interv Card Electrophysiol. Published online August 9, 2022.


Yong Ji S, et al. Use of the Novel AcQCross Transseptal System Improves Procedural Efficiency Compared to Conventional Transseptal Puncture Technique. Presented at AF Symposium 2022.