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FlexCath Advance Steerable Sheath

Cardiac Ablation for Atrial Fibrillation


The FlexCath Advance™ Steerable Sheath is part of the Arctic Front™ Cardiac Cryoablation Catheter System and is the only sheath that has been tested for use with the Arctic Front Family of Cardiac Cryoablation Catheters. It can also be used with the Freezor™ MAX Cardiac Cryoablation Catheter.

Facilitates Better Positioning and Maneuverability

The FlexCath Advance Steerable Sheath is a unidirectional, deflectable sheath used to help position an ablation catheter and facilitates better positioning and maneuverability.

  • With 135 degrees of deflection and improved deflection response, the sheath may facilitate better access to inferior veins.*
  • This percutaneous catheter introducer is fitted with a valve to allow for introduction, withdrawal, and exchanging of catheters and wires.
  • Packaged with a dilator.

More product information is available on Medtronic Academy.

The FlexCath Advance Steerable Sheath is the only sheath that has been tested for use with the Arctic Front family of cryoballoons. Once transseptal puncture has been performed using an indicated needle (Note: the FlexCath Advance sheath is not indicated for transseptal puncture), the FlexCath Advance sheath can be used to cross into the left atrium once access is obtained. The cryoballoon is then inserted over a guidewire through the sheath to the left atrium, where it can be inflated and positioned to efficiently isolate the pulmonary veins with minimal energy applications. Complex, 3-dimensional mapping is not required.

The FlexCath Advance sheath is also compatible with the Freezor MAX Cardiac Cryoablation Catheter, which may be used as an adjunctive device in the endocardial treatment of paroxysmal and persistent atrial fibrillation (episode duration less than 6 months) with the cryoballoon.

FlexCath Advance steerable sheath on white background

1. Sheath deflection. Unidirectional deflection of 135 degrees with cryoballoon and Achieve™ Mapping Catheter or guidewire inserted.

2. Marker band. Radiopaque marker band at 5 mm for visibility under fluoroscopy.

3. Dilator. FlexCath Advance is packaged with a dilator. The dilator facilitates the introduction of the sheath into the vasculature.

4. Deflection mechanism. Ergonomic handle enables two turns to achieve maximum deflection.

5. Hemostasis valve. Allows for introduction, withdrawal, and swapping of catheters and guidewires while preventing air ingress and minimizing blood loss.

Medtronic has recently updated the FlexCath Advance Instructions for Use (IFU). For details on these updates, please review the electronic IFU and this product education brief.

*As compared to FlexCath Steerable Sheath. Medtronic data on file.