Reveal LINQ Monitoring Service

REVEAL LINQ Monitoring Service

Supporting the Reveal LINQ™ Insertable Cardiac Monitoring System


Helping You Streamline Patient Management and Data Review

  • Patient management and communication ensures data transmission
  • Cardiac data review by certified technicians identifies the most clinically-relevant data
  • Clinically actionable reporting summarizes what you want to know to inform decisions

Patient Management & Communication

Proactive patient support alleviates operational duties.

  • Service registration & insurance confirmation
  • Reveal LINQ system education and initial transmission verification
  • Ongoing monitoring and troubleshooting to assure proper connection and continuous data transmission  

Cardiac Data Review

Dedicated, expert analysis identifies only the most clinically relevant data.

  • Comprehensive analysis and adjudication of cardiac rhythm data by dedicated certified cardiac technicians*
  • Only the most clinically relevant data identified for reporting**

* Certification provided by Cardiovascular Credentialing International. 
** Based on programmed settings in the Reveal LINQ ICM, and notification parameters ordered by clinicians. 

Clinically Actionable Reports

Simple and clear reporting that provides the information you need to take action

Reveal LINQ Reports


The Medtronic Monitoring Center is staffed 24/7 with Certified Technicians to review patient cardiac rhythm data*

  • Medicare Certified Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility located in Philadelphia, PA
  • Technicians certified by Cardiovascular Credentialing International and specially trained to review Reveal LINQ ICM cardiac rhythm data
  • Medical Director oversight by a Cardiac Electrophysiologist
  • Technical device engineer on staff for proactive partnership


The Reveal LINQ Monitoring Service and the Medtronic Monitoring Center are provided by Medtronic Monitoring Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Medtronic.