Reveal LINQ™ ICM is MR-Conditional at 3.0 and 1.5 T with no post-insertion waiting required

Reveal LINQ Insertable Cardiac Monitor MRI Conditions for Use

A patient with a Reveal LINQ device can be safely scanned in an MR system that meets the following conditions with no post-insertion waiting required. Failure to follow these conditions for use may result in a hazard to the patient during an MRI scan:

  • Horizontal cylindrical bore magnet, clinical MRI systems with a static magnetic field of 1.5 Tesla (T) or 3.0 T must be used.
  • Hydrogen proton MRI equipment must be used.
  • Maximum spatial gradient of the static magnetic field specification must be ≤25 T/m (2500 gauss/ cm).
  • Whole body gradient systems with gradient slew rate specification must be ≤200 T/m/s per axis.
  • The Whole Body Specific Absorption Rate (WB-SAR) as reported by the MRI equipment must be ≤4.0 W/kg; the head SAR as reported by the MRI equipment must be ≤3.2 W/kg.
  • Do not use local transmit coils on the chest, trunk, or shoulder region.
  • There are no restrictions on the placement of receive-only coils, and there are no restrictions on the use of local transmit or receive coils for imaging of the head or extremities.