solara CRT-Ps

Solara™ CRT-Ps are enabled with BlueSync™ technology, allowing for tablet-based programming and app-based remote monitoring.

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Meet Solara

Quad CRT-P MRI SureScan™


PhysioCurve Design for Patient Comfort

  • Tapered at the head and bottom of device to reduce skin pressure and promote patient comfort.
  • Designed with lead wrap in mind — landing area to minimize additional stresses on the lead.1
Side image of Solara Quad CRT-P MRI SureScan on white background


Solara CRT-P 

Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy Pacemakers (CRT-Ps) for Heart Failure Management


Expanded MRI Access

Solara CRT-Ps are safe for use in the MRI environment when specific conditions are met. The quad model features:

The non-quad model features:

BlueSync Technology

BlueSync technology within Solara enables secure, wireless communication.


CareAlert Notifications

Time to a clinical decision was ~7x faster with the use of Medtronic CareAlert notifications compared to standard office follow-up.2

Clinical Management Alerts

  • AT/AF Daily Burden Enable
  • Avg. V. Rate during AT/AF
  • Monitored VT Episode
  • Ventricular Pacing < 90%

Device Management Alerts

  • Low Battery Voltage RRT
  • A. Pacing Enable
  • RV Pacing Enable
  • LV Pacing Enable
  • A. Capture Enable
  • RV Capture Enable
  • LV Capture Enable

System features and Exclusive Algorithms

Model Specifications

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