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Accessing DATA

Managing your patients at implant and in the clinic

Continuity of your patient’s care

Taking care of patients and making sure that the quality of care is consistent for all your patients — it’s something we’re all working toward. With Medtronic programmers and SessionSync™ software, we’ve developed a seamless way for you to review cardiac device data when patients come to your clinic — so you can provide the continuity of patient care that’s needed. Our programmers allow you to make any necessary programming changes in your patient’s cardiac device to ensure that patient is receiving the right therapy. Device data can then be transferred to the Paceart™ system, which will automatically move the data into your patient’s electronic health record (EHR) system.

The Use of SessionSync Can Speed Up a Device Check by 2.5 Minutes

The use of SessionSync can speed up a device check by 2.5 minutes.


Close up image of the CareLink SmartSync Device Manger from a front view.

CareLink SmartSync Device Manager

The CareLink SmartSync™ Device Manager is a secure, tablet-based device manager that enables BlueSync™ technology. SmartSync provides wireless programming at implant with revolutionary portability and intuitive design.

Close up image of the 2090 programmer.

The Medtronic CareLink 2090 Programmer

The Medtronic CareLink 2090 Programmer is a portable computer system used to program and manage cardiac devices in your clinic and during implant. Enabled with wireless telemetry, the programmer provides efficiencies at implant and follow-up.

Close up image of the Encore programmer.

The CareLink Encore Programmer

The CareLink Encore™ programmer is lightweight, weighing only 11 pounds, and includes battery backup power with up to two hours of run time.

The programmer allows you to send data automatically to the Paceart™ system via secure Wi-Fi connectivity. An electronic strip recorder replaces the built-in strip printer found in previous models.  

Image of cardiosight-reader

CardioSight Reader

Another in-clinic tool is the CardioSight reader. It provides direct access to your patient’s heart failure information that is stored in a Medtronic cardiac device —
ICD, CRT-D, or insertable cardiac monitor (ICM). The reader allows you to quickly identify issues and respond to significant clinical events without using a device programmer. The CardioSight reader provides heart failure read-only information without changing device parameters. It shows heart trends that relate specifically to heart failure. Within minutes of downloading this information, a report can be faxed to the patient’s clinic and added to the patient’s chart before you consult with him or her.

One of the reports produced by the CardioSight reader is the heart failure Management Report, which provides trended data that indicate potential changes in your patient’s condition. It provides information on:

  • Fluid Status with OptiVol™ Monitoring
  • AT/AF Total Hours/Day
  • Ventricular Rate During AT/AF
  • Patient Activity
  • Average Day and Night Heart Rates
  • Heart Rate Variability
  • Percent Pacing per Day