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CareLink SmartSync™ MRI Access and MRI Verify

Innovation doesn’t end at implant.
Welcome to a better way to plan, coordinate, and perform MRI scans for your patients with compatible Medtronic MR Conditional cardiac systems.

View MR conditionality and labeling of Medtronic implanted cardiac system devices with the MRI Verify search tool.

CareLink SmartSync MRI Access

MRI Access allows MRI departments to independently turn on and turn off MRI SureScan™ mode for patients implanted with compatible Medtronic MR Conditional cardiac devices. MR technologists can use the intuitive tool to manage scans without the need for a device expert, potentially streamlining, scheduling, and minimizing delays in the MRI scan workflow. The built-in algorithms determine case-by-case device settings and include fail-safes that do not allow MRI SureScan mode to be enabled if not appropriate.

CareLink SmartSync™ MRI Access screen on a tablet with a hand touching the screen
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Intuitive design

MRI Access is designed with straightforward steps to enable and disable MRI SureScan mode.

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Dependable algorithms

  • Cardiologist-accepted algorithm determinations1
  • Built-in safety features that prevent MRI SureScan mode from being enabled when not appropriate
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Efficient workflows

  • Timely patient access to MRI scans by reducing scheduling interruptions
  • All the tools needed for compatible devices are onsite and readily available

How MRI Access works

MRI Access connects via Bluetooth®* to the patient connector to communicate to your patient’s device prior to and following their MRI scan.

MRI Access

CareLink SmartSync™ MRI Access screen on a tablet with a Bluetooth logo next to it

Patient connector

Patient connector encircled in blue next to a Wi-Fi symbol

Patient's device

Six Medtronic cardiac devices encircled in blue outline

MRI Access algorithms are automatic — no interaction from the clinician is necessary.

MRI Access automatically determines and programs the appropriate device parameters required to turn MRI SureScan mode on and off. The pacing mode and rate will automatically be determined to provide the necessary pacing support for the patient. The pacing mode and rate that MRI Access programs is included in the device report in the app.

Identify primary indication.

Its key design principles ensure pacing for those who need it.

Assess patient status and device history.

It assesses your patient’s current pacing settings and heart rate to determine the appropriate settings for an MRI scan.

Reduce competitive pacing.

It sets pacing rates above baseline to provide pacing support (when needed) while reducing the potential for competitive pacing.

MRI Verify

Simplified MR Conditional screening at

MRI Verify is a web-based search tool intended to assist users in verifying the MR conditionality and labeling of a patient’s implanted Medtronic cardiac system. MRI Verify users can search the MR conditionality of a Medtronic cardiac system by entering either the patient’s Medtronic cardiac device model and associated lead models or by entering the patient information in the search criteria for authorized users.

Computer screen of the MRI Access Verify with numbered callouts
  1. Public/unrestricted access
    Devices that are not MR Conditional will not appear in the device name/model search drop-down list. Select: SEARCH BY DEVICE MODEL

  2. Restricted access

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Prajapati N. EP Algorithm Acceptance Study Acceptance Percentage. November 2021. Medtronic data on file.