SelectSecure™ MRI SureScan™ Model 3830 pacing lead

Model 3830 is the only MR Conditional-approved pacing lead for conduction system pacing, to help treat bradycardia patients who have a pacemaker.


Approved for left bundle branch area and His-bundle pacing

The 3830 lead is the only FDA-approved lead for providing conduction system pacing in the United States, including both His-bundle pacing (HBP) and left bundle branch area pacing (LBBAP). 

Conduction system pacing (CSP) is approved to provide physicians an alternative to right ventricular pacing in a single or dual chamber pacing system in bradycardia patients.

Product details

First and only FDA-approved

The first and only FDA-approved MR Conditional lead for left bundle branch area pacing, when paired with Medtronic MRI SureScan systems.

Proven safe

3830 use in the left bundle branch area is supported by real-world evidence encompassing 20k+ patients.1

SelectSecure MRI SureScan 3830 lead and Azure XT DR MRI SureScan pacemaker inside a pink decorative circle

Proven design

3830 has a novel lumenless design and fixed helix, allowing for increased helix stability at implant relative to extendable/retractable helix leads.1,2

Proven reliable

The fatigue performance of the 3830 lead in a left bundle branch area position compares to performance in the RV (98% reliability, 95% CI) based on simulated 10-year testing.3



SelectSecure 3830 Left Bundle Branch Area Pacing Safety and Efficacy Utilizing RWE. Medtronic data on file.


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