TourGuide Steerable Sheath for customized vessel access

Precisely guide your next intervention with the TourGuide™ steerable sheath. The sheath can deflect up to 180° to facilitate the delivery of diagnostic and therapeutic devices to a wide variety of vessel takeoffs and challenging anatomical areas.*

The TourGuide steerable sheath is available for sale in the United States and Europe.

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The TourGuide steerable sheath provides quick access to indicated anatomy. By minimizing multiple exchanges associated with different catheter selections, the sheath may reduce overall procedure time.

Advanced catheter technology

Provides the strength and conformability needed for delivering various interventional devices

Curve retention

Maintains desired deflection angle, providing a stable platform for delivering devices to their desired destination

180° tip deflection

Physician-directed to deliver diagnostic and therapeutic devices to a wide variety of vessel takeoffs and difficult anatomic areas1

Three working lengths (45, 55, and 90 cm)

Designed to access indicated areas to perform interventions

U.S. indications

The steerable sheath, model TourGuide is intended for the introduction of diagnostic and therapeutic devices into the human vasculature, including but not limited to intracardiac, renal, or other peripheral placements. Do not use this device for neural placements.

Design features

Features of the TourGuide steerable sheath include:

  1. Radiopaque distal marker
  2. Tapered distal tip
  3. Hydrophobic coated sheath
  4. Braided shaft
  5. Rotating collar
  6. Tip position indicator
  7. Hemostatic valve
TourGuide steerable sheath illustration with design features highlighted in seven parts

Manuals and technical guides

Instructions for use

Find this technical manual in the product labeling supplied with each device or by calling 1-877-526-7890.

Model specifications

Order information

Model number Inner diameter
size (F)
length (cm)
Deflection length
at 180° (mm)
Deflection length
at 90° (mm)
TG0654509 6.5 45  25 
TG0654517 6.5 45 17 33 
TG0655509 6.5 55 9 25 
TG0655517 6.5 55 17 33 
TG0659009 6.5 90 9 25 
TG0704509 7.0 45 9 25 
TG0704517 7.0 45 17 33 
TG0705509 7.0 55 9 25 
TG0705517 7.0 55 17 33 
TG0709009    7.0 90 9 25 
TG0854517 8.5 45 17 33 
TG0855517 8.5 55 17 33 
TG0855522 8.5 55 22 40 
TG0859017    8.5 90 17 33 

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Bench test data on file at Medtronic. Test data not indicative of clinical performance.

Lock feature inherent in design to hold curve while delivering devices.



Adams JD, Schonholz CJ. Variable Curve Directable Guide Sheath From Aptus To Facilitate Other Challenging Endovascular Procedures. Presented at VEITH Symposium 2015. Session 47: New Techniques, Technology and Concepts.