Valiant Navion Thoracic Stent Graft System 

Valiant Navion™ is the third and latest generation of thoracic endovascular aortic repair (TEVAR) in a single system, with covered and bare stent options.

The Valiant Navion system is designed to treat a wide range of patient anatomies and all lesions of the descending thoracic aorta (DTA), including thoracic aortic aneurysms (TAA), type B aortic dissection (TBAD), intramural hematoma (IMH), penetrating atherosclerotic ulcer (PAU), and blunt thoracic aortic injury (BTAI).

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minimally invasive solution for TEVAR procedures

With Valiant Navion, you can confidently treat even more patients.

Product Details

Reduce TEVAR procedure time And minimize access complications

Valiant Navion stent graft system is minimally invasive, with a low, 18–22 Fr crossing profile for broad patient applicability and decreased access vessel complications.
18 Fr 20 Fr 22 Fr


Gray circle with 18 French text centered inside circle Blue circle with 20 French text centered inside circle. Light blue circle with 22 French text centered inside circle

Graft Outer

25–20 mm

37–28 mm

46–40 mm

Expand patient access to tevar procedures

  • Valiant Navion system builds on over a decade of thoracic endograft experience and nitinol engineering expertise. 
  • Valiant Navion system is indicated for the endovascular repair of all lesions of the descending thoracic aorta — including type B dissection of the aorta and BTAI.

Optimize thoracic stent graft deployment accuracy

The Valiant Navion delivery system supports controlled and accurate placement of the thoracic stent graft at every step of deployment across a range of descending thoracic aorta anatomies and diseases.

Features of the Valiant Navion delivery system:

  1. Slow, controlled deployment for precise placement 
  2. Quick deployment option
  3. Tip capture release

Tip capture provides controlled deployment and precise placement in the thoracic aorta for both FreeFlo and CoveredSeal configurations.

Tip capture release handle provides simple turn-and-pull motion to release the proximal stents for both FreeFlo and CoveredSeal configurations. 

Treat a Wide Range  of Anatomies 

The Valiant Navion thoracic stent graft system offers more sizing options, including tapered grafts, to treat a wide range of anatomies.

Group shot of various Valiant Navion thoracic stent graft sizes and configurations

Product Options

Deliver optimal outcomes for all descending thoracic aorta pathologies

The Valiant Navion system — with CoveredSeal (no proximal bare metal) and FreeFlo proximal designs — enables you to confidently treat even more patients.

FreeFlo and CoveredSeal Help Expand TEVAR to Underserved Populations

Dr. Ross Milner discusses how he expands TEVAR treatment to more of his patients.


Valiant Navion FreeFlo, with proximal bare stent, is designed for perfusion into proximal vessels.   


Valiant Navion FreeFlo thoracic stent graft on white background


Valiant Navion CoveredSeal, with completely covered proximal edge, is tailored for fragile aortas with no bare metal interaction with the aorta.

Valiant Navion CoveredSeal thoracic stent graft on white background

FreeFlo Support Stent  and CoveredSeal W-Stent  For optimal seal

Designed in the Medtronic Nitinol Center of Excellence, the proximal FreeFlo support stent and CoveredSeal W-stent (pictured) evenly distribute radial force over multiple apices and prevent graft infolding.

Valiant Navion CoveredSeal W-stent ring component on blue gradient background

Fragile Aorta Considerations

There is a clinical need for a thoracic stent graft with features tailored to treat patients in whom the aortic wall is more fragile, such as those with intramural hematoma (IMH), or a descending aortic tear, also called type B dissection of the aorta.

Valiant Navion
Covered seal is tailored for Fragile Aortas

Fragile aorta: The spectrum of disease related to acute aortic syndrome, including acute aortic dissection, IMH, and penetrating atherosclerotic ulcer (PAU).1

Valiant Navion thoracic stent graft system with CoveredSeal on a blue background


Tailored for a Gentle Touch

  • CoveredSeal — proximal stent completely covered within graft fabric
  • No bare metal interaction with aorta
  • "Gentle touch" for decreased vessel trauma
  • Low profile for improved accessibility and trackability

Tailored for Enhanced Seal

  • W-shaped support stent design for vessel wall apposition and enhanced seal
  • Optimized flexibility and conformability for enhanced seal
  • Consistent, even distribution of radial force enhances proximal seal

Tailored for Aortic Remodeling

  • Built on over a decade of thoracic clinical experience
  • Tapered grafts — preferred for dissection treatment2

Proximal Stent Design of Competitor Grafts

Close-up product image of the Gore device proximal edge


Partially uncovered bare metal stents

Close-up product image of the Cook thoracic endovascular graft proximal edge


Fully exposed bare metal stents

Close-up product image of the Cook thoracic endovascular graft proximal edge


Stainless steel stent graft

Model Specifications

Model specifications screenshot from Valiant Navion sizing sheet

Ordering Information

See model specs including stent graft lengths, diameters, tapers, and crossing profiles.

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The Valiant Navion thoracic stent graft system is indicated for treatment of diseases of the descending thoracic aorta, including but not limited to, aneurysms, dissections, and BTAIs. The Valiant Navion thoracic stent graft is indicated for exclusion of the aneurysm, the false lumen, or site of rupture, and the restoration of blood flow through the stent graft lumen. The device is intended for use in patients who are candidates for conventional surgical repair, and in patients who are not candidates for conventional surgical repair due to preexisting risk factors.

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