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Balloon Dilatation Catheter


Advancing Innovation through Partnership

To develop the Euphora™ low-profile semicompliant balloon dilatation catheter, we partnered with nearly 2,000 interventional cardiologists and cath lab professionals. The result is:

  • Superior deliverability1
  • Superb Kissing Balloons Technique (KBT) performance2
  • The lowest crossing profile compared to leading competitors3

Product Details

What Makes the Euphora Balloon an Excellent Choice?

Ordering Information

Balloon Lengths 6, 10, 12, and 15 mm

Balloon Diameter (mm)   Balloon Length (mm)      
 6 10 12 15
 1.50 EUP1506X EUP1510X  EUP1512X  EUP1515X 
 2.00 EUP2006X EUP2010X   EUP2012X EUP2015X 
 2.25 EUP22506X EUP22510X EUP22512X EUP22515X
 2.50 EUP2506X EUP2510X EUP2512X EUP2515X
 2.75 EUP27506X EUP27510X EUP27512X  EUP27515X 
 3.00 EUP3006X EUP3010X EUP3012X EUP3015X
 3.25 EUP32506X EUP32510X EUP32512X EUP32515X
 3.50 EUP3506X EUP3510X EUP3512X EUP3515X
 3.75 EUP37506X EUP37510X EUP37512X EUP37515X
 4.00 EUP4006X EUP4010X EUP4012X EUP4015X

Balloon Lengths 20, 25, and 30 mm

Balloon Diameter (mm)   Balloon Length (mm)      
20 25 30
 1.50 EUP1520X
 2.00 EUP2020X  EUP2025X  EUP2030X
 2.25 EUP22520X EUP22525X
 2.50 EUP2520X EUP2525X EUP2530X
 2.75 EUP27520X EUP27525X
 3.00 EUP3020X EUP3025X EUP3030X
 3.25 EUP32520X EUP32525X
 3.50 EUP3520X EUP3525X EUP3530X
 3.75 EUP37520X EUP37525X
 4.00 EUP4020X EUP4025X EUP4030X

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Bench testing vs. Trek™*, Emerge™*, Sprinter™ Legend™, and Ryujin™* Plus balloons. 2.50 mm x 15 mm balloons tested. Bench test data may not be indicative of clinical performance.


Based on 6 F KBT testing. 3.75 mm and 4.00 mm Euphora RX balloon models are not suitable for simultaneous use within a 2 mm ([6 F/MGCID 1.8 mm[0.70 in]) guide catheter. Bench test data may not be indicative of clinical performance.


Bench testing vs. Trek and Emerge balloons. 2.50 mm x 15 mm balloons tested. Crossing profile is a measure of the distal balloon crossing profile. Bench test data may not be indicative of clinical performance.