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MYOtherm XP

Cardioplegia Delivery System


The Medtronic MYOtherm XP™ Cardioplegia Delivery System was specifically designed to effectively handle air, in a low-prime design, while providing fast responses through efficient heat transfer.

The MYOtherm XP System has advantages that set it apart from other cardioplegia products.

  • Unique design of the blood inlet port promotes even blood flow over the stainless-steel bellows for single-pass heat exchange
  • Heat exchanger diverter wall traps air as it directs the flow of blood from the bellows to the top of the outlet chamber
  • “Bottom-in, Bottom-out” design provides fast response times over a range of flow rates
  • Temperature-monitoring site (TMA) in middle of the blood outlet for accurate temperature monitoring
  • 150-micron filter captures any air emboli and particulates as blood exits the outlet chamber
  • Pressure relief valve protects the heat exchanger from over-pressurization
  • Available in our custom tubing packs

Now available with Cortiva™ BioActive Surface for your tip-to-tip needs.

Ordering Info

MYOtherm XP Blood Cardioplegia Delivery Systems
Order Number Description # of Units
XP41 MYOtherm XP Cardioplegia Delivery System (4:1 Blood to Crystalloid) 4 per case
XP41B MYOtherm XP Cardioplegia Delivery System (4:1 Blood to Crystalloid) with Bridge between Blood and Crystalloid Lines 4 per case
XPD2 MYOtherm XP Delivery Line Single Table Delivery System 4 per case
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