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Export Advance

Aspiration Catheter

Advancing performance

The Export Advance™ aspiration catheter delivers consistent, high-performing aspiration power when it matters most — restoring flow and protecting patients.

Product Details

Superior Deliverability1

Full-Wall Technology provides variable levels of stiffness without joints, for optimal kink resistance and catheter performance.

Dependable Delivery to the Target Site:

  • Preloaded stylet enhances shaft stiffness during catheter delivery, boosting kink resistance, trackability, and pushability2
  • Buddy wire compatibility allows for extra support, when needed.

High-performing Aspiration Power:

  • Large extraction lumen (0.044" proximal; 0.043" distal) increases aspiration power.
  • Optimized hub geometry improves flow.
  • Soft, short, forward-facing tip design permits excellent particle capture.

Ordering Information

Product Code Guide Compatibility Wire Compatibility (in) Length (cm)


6 F min. guide I.D. 0.070"




™Third-party brands are trademarks of their respective owners. All other brands are trademarks of a Medtronic company.

Based on bench test data, 2013. Bench test data may not be indicative of clinical performance.

Based on bench test data vs. Export™ AP catheter.


Bench testing vs. Terumo Eliminate™* and Eliminate™* 3 aspiration catheters, Vascular Solutions Pronto®* LP, Pronto®* V3 and Pronto®* V4 aspiration catheters, Merit®* ASAP aspiration catheter, Kaneka Thrombuster III GR* aspiration catheter, Spectranetics QuickCat™* aspiration catheter, IHT Polska Hunter®* aspiration catheter, Medrad Possis™* Fetch™* 2 aspiration catheter, and Hexacath Recover* aspiration catheter. 10093906DOC, 2013. Bench test data may not be indicative of clinical performance.


Based on animal studies compared with Export™ AP aspiration catheter without stylet.