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Balanced performance that’s ahead of the curve.

Launcher™ coronary guide catheters come with the performance advantages you expect from a market leader — including a wide variety of curve shapes for transradial and femoral percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI). 

Celebrating 20 years.

Watch a short animation highlighting the incredible 20-year milestone of the Launcher™ guide catheter.

Hear from an expert.

In this interview with John Horrigan, Medtronic Sr. Principal R&D Engineer, learn about the inspiration behind the creation of Launcher™, and why it is still impactful today.

Product details

Full-Wall technology is a shaft construction process that optimizes the balance between a large lumen and robust performance — offering excellent torque resistance and curve retention. The encapsulated flat wire braid enables thinner, robust walls without compromising support or retention.1

  1. Polymer
  2. Encapsulated braid wire 
  3. Outer jacket
  4. Flat braid wire
  5. Outer jacket Inner jacket
Close-up illustration showing the full-wall shaft construction of the Launcher™ guide catheter with callouts

Product benefits

  • Flexible distal segment to engage the guide for backup support.
  • Supportive secondary curve for backup support and curve retention.
  • Workhorse construction for a variety of anatomies and takeoffs.
  • Larger lumens for excellent contrast flow and enhanced visualization.1
  • Vest-tech nylon outer jacket for hub-to-tip radiopacity.
  • Radiopaque marker band to facilitate tip orientation for ostial engagement.
  • Support for radial and femoral approaches.

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1. Bench testing vs. Cordis Vista Brite Tip®* guide catheter (5, 6, and 7 F); Abbott Viking™* guide catheter (6 and 7 F); Terumo Heartrail®* guide catheter (5, 6, and 7 F); and Boston Scientific Runway™*, Wiseguide™*, and Mach 1™* guide catheters (6 and 7 F). PP11648rA, 2009. Bench test data may not be indicative of clinical performance.