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Mo.Ma Ultra Proximal Cerebral Protection Device

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Use the Mo.Ma™ Ultra proximal cerebral protection device to contain and remove all sizes of debris that can dislodge during interventional procedures in the carotid arteries. The Mo.Ma Ultra device with double-occlusion balloon system allows for proximal embolic protection to be established prior to crossing a carotid lesion.

U.S. Indications

The Mo.Ma™ Ultra proximal cerebral protection device is indicated as an embolic protection system to contain and remove embolic material (thrombus/debris) while performing angioplasty and stenting procedures involving lesions of the internal carotid artery and/or the carotid bifurcation.

The reference diameter of the external carotid artery should be between 3-6 mm and the reference diameter of the common carotid artery should be between 5-13 mm.

Product Details

Proximal Cerebral Protection

Antegrade flow from the common carotid artery (CCA) and retrograde flow from the external common carotid artery (ECA) are temporarily suspended by dual inflation establishing proximal cerebral protection.

Double-Occlusion Balloon System

  • Utilizes highly compliant, elastomeric balloons that provide atraumatic flow suspension and stability.

Guide-catheter technology

  • Provides excellent trackability, support and stability for ease of lesion crossing and accurate stent deployment.

Working channel exit port distal to CCA balloon

  • Provides lesion access and effective, efficient aspiration of debris.*

Radiopaque markers

  • Markers are centrally located in each balloon for precise positioning and orientation.

Optimal device selection

  • Mo.Ma Ultra device allows for selection of preferred wires, stents and balloons during intervention.

High-capture efficiency

  • Device facilitates the removal of all sizes of debris through aspiration.

Mo.Ma Ultra Cerebral Protection Device Procedure Animation - (03:05)

View a step-by-step animation of a procedure using the Mo.Ma Ultra proximal cerebral protection device.
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Manuals and Technical Guides

Instructions for Use
Find this technical manual in the product labeling supplied with each device or by calling technical support for cardiovascular devices: (877) 526‑7890.

Model Specifications

Balloon MaterialCompliant elastomeric rubber
Balloon Marker Distance6 cm
Recommended Guidewire0.035” (0.89 mm)
Balloon Occlusion Range5-13 mm diameter (CCA prox. balloon)
3-6 mm diameter (ECA dist. balloon)

Ordering Information

Reference Number

Minimum Sheath 
Size (F)

Inner Diameter of the
Working Channel

See product catalog for complete, detailed product information.


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See Instructions for Use for complete procedure requirements.