Contour 3D™ Annuloplasty Ring for Surgical Valve Repair

The Contour 3D annuloplasty ring is a remodeling ring with a physiologic tricuspid valve shape — a 2-D shape and 3-D curvature based on CT data from functional tricuspid valves.

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2-D Shape 3-D Curvature  

The Contour 3D annuloplasty ring is a three-dimensional, anatomically shaped rigid remodeling ring for the treatment of functional tricuspid valve disease. The ring is designed to facilitate an asymmetric reduction annuloplasty.

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Illustration of Contour 3D ring showing motion

Product Details

The Contour 3D design is based on CT data from functional human tricuspid valves.

Rings that resemble the natural shape of the annulus provide better leaflet coaptation than planar rings by preserving greater leaflet mobility.1,2

Septal lateral compression is incorporated into the ring to address annular dilatation.

Contour 3D ring on white background
Contour 3D ring with lateral compression callout

Product Specifications and Ordering Information

Contour 3D Annuloplasty Ring, Model 690r

Illustration of Contour 3D ring with callouts
Ring Size
Orifice Area
690R26 26 24 32 16 24 10 7 326.1
690R28 28 26 34 18 25 11 7 387.2
690R30 30 28 36 19 27 12 8 449.2
690R32 32 30 38 21 28 13 8 512.4
690R34 34 32 40 22 30 14 9 588.6
690R36 36 34 42 23 31 15 9 665.1

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Ratschiller T, Guenther T, Guenzinger R, et al. Early experiences with a new three-dimensional annuloplasty ring for the treatment of functional tricuspid regurgitation. Ann Thorac Surg. December 2014;98(6):2039-2044.


Padala M, Hutchison RA, Croft LR, et al. Saddle shape of the mitral annulus reduces systolic strains on the P2 segment of the posterior mitral leaflet. Ann Thorac Surg. November 2009;88(5):1499-1504.