CLINICAL OUTCOMES Visi-Pro Balloon-expandable Peripheral and Biliary Stent System

VISIBILITY ILIAC was conducted to confirm the safety and effectiveness of primary stenting using the Visi-Pro™ balloon-expandable peripheral stent system for the treatment of lesions in the common and external iliac arteries. Noteworthy points about the study:

  • 75 subjects enrolled
  • ≥ 50% stenosis, restenosis, or occlusion
  • Target lesion length ≤ 10 cm
  • Target vessel diameter is ≥ 5.0 cm and ≤ 10 cm 


  • Nine-month MAE rate of 4.0%
    • 4.0% clinically driven TLR
    • 0.0% periprocedural death
    • 0.0% in-hospital MI
    • 0% amputation of treated limb
  • Nine-month primary patency rate of 95.8%

Read more about the VISIBILITY ILIAC clinical study in a published, peer-reviewed journal:

Results From the VISIBILITY Iliac Study: Primary and Cohort Outcomes at 9 Months

Rundback, et al. J Endovascular Therapy, 2017 Feb: 1-7.