Concerto Versa Detachable Coil Peripheral Embolization

The Concerto Versa™ detachable coil brings more volume to peripheral embolization.1 It features a versatile shape and versatile catheter compatibility.

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Delivery Animation

Watch Concerto Versa delivered in a vessel and an aneurysm.


The Concerto Versa detachable coil is indicated for arterial and venous embolization in the peripheral vasculature.

Product Details 

More Volume1

  • Larger volumes and longer lengths than any other coil1
  • Mechanical occlusion and fibers for thrombogenicity2

More Volume Per Coil1

Concerto Versa provides an average of:

  • 25% more volume per coil than AZUR™* CX 35
  • 33% more volume per coil than Ruby™* Soft
  • 95% more volume per coil than Interlock™*-35 cube

Chart showing the additional volume of each Concerto Versa coil versus competitive coils

Fewer Coils Per Procedure1

Alternative coils needed on average:

  • Concerto Versa — 1.0
  • AZUR CX 35 — 1.2
  • Ruby Soft — 1.3
  • Interlock-35 — 2.0

Chart showing the number of competitive coils needed to equal one Concerto Versa coil

Versatile Shape

  • Two distinct shapes for diverse clinical applications
  • Softness for high packing density1


Position, frame, and pack, in one coil. Shape adaptable to clinical needs.

  1. Oversized first spiral for positioning
  2. Oversized first sphere for framing
  3. Following spheres can:
    • pack into the first sphere
    • stack behind the first sphere

Concerto Versa multi-sphere shape with callouts

Multi-sphere Shape

DIAMETERS 16–32 mm

Frame or pack. Shape conformable to large spaces.

  1. Undersized first loop for easy formation
  2. Complex shape for framing or packing

Concerto Versa sphere shape with callouts

Sphere Shape 

Versatile Catheter Compatibility

  • Each coil is compatible with both high-flow micro and 4F diagnostic catheters
  • One soft coil, two options to smoothly navigate tortuous anatomies1

One Coil Two Delivery Options

Image showing the two delivery options for Concerto Versa

Reduced Shelf Inventory 
50% Less

inventory needed per diameter‡1

Faster Procedural Time
34% Shorter

catheterization time§1

Radiation Exposure
35% Less

radiation exposure during catheterization§1

Manuals and Technical Guides

The technical manuals include indications, warnings, precautions, MRI information, and directions for use. Find them in the Medtronic Manual Library, in the product labeling supplied with each device, or by calling 1-763-526-7890

Model Specifications

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™Third party brands are trademarks of their respective owners.

Catheter ID from 0.027” to 0.041”.

Vs. Interlock™*-35, AZUR™* CX 35.


Compared to other microcatheter compatible coils when a 4F diagnostic catheter (ID < = 0.041”) can be used to reach the embolization target.



Test data on file. Bench testing might not be representative of clinical performance.


Girdhar G, Read M, Sohn J, Shah C, Shrivastava S. In-vitro thrombogenicity assessment of polymer filament modified and native platinum embolic coils. J Neurol Sci. April 15, 2014;339(1-2):97-101.