MVP Micro Vascular Plug System for Peripheral Embolization

Rethink embolization with one device, the MVP micro vascular plug system. The benefits of this device include immediate mechanical occlusion,1 reduced CT artifacts,2 and predictability, even in challenging environments.1,3

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Delivery Animation

Watch the MVP device occlude a vessel.


The MVP micro vascular plug system is indicated to obstruct or reduce the rate of blood flow in the peripheral vasculature.

Product Details 

Immediate Mechanical Occlusion1

Reduced CT Artifacts Compared  to Coils2

Angiogram of coil embolization
Angiogram of plug embolization

Predictability Even In Challenging  Environments1,3

  • Tracks smoothly through tortuous vessels1,3
  • Fully resheathable and repositionable in all sizes*3

Chart showing vessel size compatibility for the MVP-3 and MVP-5 micro vascular plugs
Chart showing vessel size compatibility for the MVP-7 and MVP-9 micro vascular plugs

Case Studies

SHOWCASE A collection of cases for peripheral embolization solutions 

This interactive experience allows you to browse through the anatomy and review real case studies from experienced physicians. Get started and see the versatility of the MVP device.
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Hemorrhage Case

Watch this case overview of a patient with trauma to the spleen.

Model Specifications

Product Code

Recommended Vessel Size

Outer Diameter Unconstrained

Length Unconstrained

Delivery Wire Length

Recommended Microcatheter ID

Recommended Length of Microcatheter/
Delivery Catheter


1.5–3.0 mm

5.3 mm

12 mm

180 cm

0.021 in

153 cm


3.0–5.0 mm

6.5 mm

12 mm

180 cm

0.027 in

153 cm


5.0–7.0 mm

9.2 mm

16 mm

165 cm

0.041 in (4 Fr)

120 cm


7.0–9.0 mm

13.0 mm

18 mm

165 cm

0.043 in (5 Fr)

120 cm

Manuals and Technical Guides

The technical manual includes indications, warnings, precautions, MRI information, and directions for use. Find it in the product labeling supplied with each device or call Medtronic at 1-763-526-7890.

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Up to three times, after partial or complete deployment.



Pellerin O, Maleux G, Déan C, Pernot S, Golzarian J, Sapoval M. Microvascular plug: a new embolic material for hepatic arterial skeletonization. Cardiovasc Intervent Radiol. December 2014;37(6):1597-1601.


Park JJ, Park JM. Reduced Metal artifact on CT utilizing the Medtronic MVP. EVT. October 2017; 16(10):34-36.


Test data on file at Medtronic. Bench test results may not be indicative of clinical performance.