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Retractor System

OctoBase Retractor System

Our OctoBase® Retractor system is a key component of median sternotomy beating heart CAB procedures.


Expertly Crafted Retractor

This retractor system allows for countless Octopus® stabilizer mounting options. The unique rail slot design allows for multiple blade configurations, as well as pericardial suture retention.

OctoBase Stainless Steel Insert

  • Flexibility – retractor can be used in virtually any open-heart procedure
  • Locks blades securely in retractor frame

OctoBase Disposable Suture Holding Insert

  • Allows for retention of intraoperative sutures
  • Enables optimum exposure of target vessels during multivessel beating heart CAB procedures
  • Locks blades securely in retractor frame

OctoBase Blades

  • Interchangeable
  • Available in fixed and swivel versions
  • Available in standard (30 mm) and deep (40 mm) depths

The OctoBase has been designed to maximize the mounting area for and optimize the attachment of the Octopus family of stabilizers.

Important Safety Information

Not all patients are candidates for beating heart procedures. Some patients would require cardiopulmonary support during surgery.