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Starfish Heart Positioners

Our full suite of beating heart bypass surgery products includes Starfish® Heart Positioners for greater control.


Starfish Evo Heart Positioner – Bringing You Greater Control During Beating Heart Surgery

Medtronic has taken the proven stabilizer clamp technology from our Octopus® Evolution Tissue Stabilizer and applied it to our new and improved, next-generation Starfish® Evo Heart Positioners.

Key benefits of this new design:

  • Improved clamp design provides increased stability of the positioner on the retractor
  • Clamp can be applied to the retractor with a singlehanded technique allowing for ease of setup
  • Same clamp on the positioner and stabilizer provides a consistent system for beating heart surgery

Both positioners continue to feature increased flexibility, range of motion, and a longer reach of the articulating arm for ease in accessing vessels.

As with our previous generation Starfish 2 Heart Positioner, the unique, multi-appendage silicone suction cup provides a small profile that allows for effective positioning of the heart and enhanced visualization of the anastomotic sites.

Important Safety Information

Not all patients are candidates for beating heart procedures. Some patients would require cardiopulmonary support during surgery.



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