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Evolut R System

Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR)


The Evolut™ R transcatheter aortic heart valve, built on the proven foundation of the CoreValve™ platform, can be recaptured and repositioned. Its self-expanding nitinol frame enhances the ability to conform and seal to the native annulus. The supra-annular leaflet position keeps the working portion of the valve above and unconstrained by the native annulus.

Sideview of the Evolut R Transcatheter Aortic Valve



The Evolut R valve is built on a proven platform, which continues to demonstrate exceptional outcomes.

  • The valve is made from strong and pliable porcine pericardial tissue, making it durable and allowing for a low-profile delivery.
  • The self-expanding nitinol frame conforms and adapts to the annulus and provides consistent, outward radial force.
  • The supra-annular valve design maximizes leaflet coaptation and promotes single-digit gradients and large effective orifice areas (EOAs).

Manufacturing the CoreValve Evolut R TAV

See the Evolut TAVI manufacturing process and our commitment to quality in every step.
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Industry-Leading Hemodynamics

The supra-annular valve design and oversizing feature of the nitinol frame maximize the valve orifice and leaflet coaptation.1

Image of a the Evolut TAVI Circularity Leaflet Coaptation

The Evolut R valve design promotes single-digit gradients and large effective orifice areas (EOAs): The supra-annular valve optimizes coaptation in noncircular anatomy with supra-annular valve position and conforms to the native annulus.


Features of the EnVeo™ PRO delivery system allow you to treat more patients and position the valve more accurately.

Broadest annulus range*
More patients have access to the minimally invasive TAVR procedure because of the expanded annulus range.

Image showing the annulus range of the Evolut R Transcatheter Aortic Valve

   * Broadest annulus range based on CT-derived diameters.
** Measurement is for TAV-in-SAV only.

Lowest delivery profile
The EnVeo PRO system retains its outer diameter as it enters the vessel and remains at this diameter as it is advanced to the annulus.

Profile image of the EnVeo PRO delivery system

EnVeo PRO Delivery System

Recapture and reposition
The EnVeo PRO delivery system assists in accurate positioning of the valve. The delivery system features a 1:1 response, thus providing immediate feedback between the deployment knob and the movement of the capsule.

Image of the EnVeo PRO delivery system featuring accurate positioning

In addition, the EnVeo PRO delivery system provides you the option to recapture and reposition2 for more accurate placement.

Fluoroscopic image of the EnVeo PRO two-thirds deployed

The Confida Brecker Guidewire (CBG) is specifically designed for TAVI procedures. To minimize risk of ventricular perforation, the CBG features a continuous tapered core.  The guidewire curve is pre-shaped to help secure anchoring during valve deployment.

Confida Brecker Guidewire



Access instructions for use and other technical manuals in the Medtronic Manual Library. Search by the product name (e.g., Evolut) or model number. You may also call 800-961-9055 for a copy of a manual.


Popma JJ, Reardon MJ, Khabbaz K, et al. Early Clinical Outcomes After Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement Using a Novel Self-Expanding Bioprosthesis in Patients With Severe Aortic Stenosis Who Are Suboptimal for Surgery: Results of the Evolut R U.S. Study. JACC Cardiovasc Interv. February 13, 2017;10(3):268-275.


Up to 80% deployment. The valve can be partially or fully recaptured up to three times prior to the point of no recapture. Third attempt must be a complete recapture and retrieval from patient.