CareLink™ System Therapy Management Software

CareLink™ system software is a diabetes therapy management software for healthcare professionals. 

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Clearer Insights. Easier Access.

CareLink™ software transforms raw data into personalized insights that can improve diabetes management by helping you make confident decisions about your patients' therapy.

Access CareLink™ software via any browser or device — your patients' data is at your fingertips wherever and whenever you need it.

Comprehensive insights for well-informed decisions



CareLink™ reports help you visualize your patient’s diabetes information with charts and statistics. CareLink™ software reports intelligently analyze all the data to highlight observations and patterns, helping you make recommendations you are confident about. That’s why 87% of clinical diabetes educators choose CareLink™ software as their preferred diabetes software.1

With CareLink™ software you can:

  • Display all of your patient’s meter, continuous glucose monitoring (CGM), and insulin pump data in one place with CareLink™ software reports.
  • Link to patient’s CareLink™ Personal software to automatically get the most updated information.
  • Use new reports to compare glycemic control between two time periods and visualize long-term glycemic control, glycemic variability, and time in target range.

Help patients see the whole picture

Male physician and male patient discuss therapy options in a clinical setting.

CareLink™ Personal software is a free web-based program that collects information directly from patients’ diabetes management systems and syncs with your CareLink™ software. Using CareLink™ Personal software helps keep patients informed and improves their engagement with therapy.

Benefits of CareLink™ Personal software:

  • Gives doctors and patients the same reports
  • Collaborative approach shifts focus to the patient’s goals
  • Information that leads to a deeper understanding
  • Discover patterns and trends

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