The Medtronic Extended infusion set worn on the arm.

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Medtronic has a variety of infusion sets to meet individual needs. 

An infusion set includes the thin plastic tubing that delivers insulin from the pump to the body. This tubing comes in different lengths to accommodate various needs. At the end of the tubing is either a soft, flexible cannula, or a stainless steel needle. The cannula, which is a small, tapered tube, is inserted under the skin in a spot such as the abdomen, thigh or buttocks. This spot is called the infusion site, and the infusion set remains in place for up to 2-3 days for most set types, and up to 7 days for the Extended infusion set.

The Medtronic Extended Infusion set.

Twice the wear time1

Medtronic Extended™ infusion set

Designed with new materials to allow up to 7 days of wear due to: 

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Reduce risk of occlusion1

Stable insulin absorption2

Better maintenance of insulin stability1

Dr. Bruce Buckingham on Extended™ infusion set innovation

Principal investigator Dr. Bruce Buckingham shares his clinical research experience with the Extended™ infusion set and its groundbreaking innovation.

MiniMed Mio Advance

Easier, faster, hassle-free5

MiniMed™ Mio™ Advance infusion set

This infusion set has a 90°, soft cannula and can be inserted with only 4 steps. The all-in-one insertion design means that no separate serter is needed.

Key fetures:

  • 90° soft Teflon cannula
  • Pre-loaded inserter
  • Hidden needle before and after use
  • Audible “click” indicates secure connection with Medtronic "P" cap infusion set
  • Ideal for patients with dexterity issues or needle anxiety6,7

How to use the MiniMed Mio Advance

MiniMed Sure-T infusion set

Offering a more secure connection

MiniMed™ Sure-T™ infusion set

The MiniMed™ Sure-T™ infusion set is a very fine 29-gauge needle and is intended for insulin pump users who prefer using a metal needle to infuse their insulin rather than a plastic cannula.

This steel needle infusion set has an extra adhesive pad for a more secure connection. The simplicity and enhanced security of MiniMed™ Sure-T™ infusion set make it a good choice for infants, children, and adults. It comes in 3 tubing lengths and 3 cannula lengths. The 6mm cannula is available in 18", 23", and 32" lengths; the 8mm cannula is available in 23" and 32" lengths; and the 10mm cannula is available in 32" length tubing.

MiniMed Silhouette infusion set.

Discreet, low-profile design

MiniMed™ Silhouette™ infusion set

The MiniMed™ Silhouette™ infusion set is a soft cannula infusion set that can be inserted at a variety of angles. Ideal for those insulin pump users who are lean or live an active lifestyle, the MiniMed™ Silhouette™ infusion set offers comfort and flexibility by allowing your patients to choose their insertion angle. It is available in 4 tubing lengths and 2 cannula lengths. The 13mm cannula is available in 18", 23", 32", and 43" lengths; the 17mm cannula is available in 23", 32", and 43" lengths.

MiniMed Quick-set infusion set.

Combining comfort with ease of use

MiniMed™ Quick-set™ infusion set

Use the MiniMed™ Quick-serter™ to easily insert the cannula under the skin.

The 90-degree soft cannula MiniMed™ Quick-set™ infusion set is available in four tubing lengths and two cannula lengths. The 6mm length cannula is most suitable for lean individuals and is available in 18", 23", 32", and 43" lengths. The 9mm cannula is recommended for everyone else and is available in 23", 32", and 43" lengths.

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  Medtronic Extended™ infusion set MiniMed™ Mio™ Advance infusion set MiniMed™ Sure-T™ infusion set MiniMed™ Silhouette™ infusion set MiniMed™ Quick-Set™ infusion set
Infusion set design Fewer set changes
Dexterity issues
Needle anxiety
Dexterity issues
Needle anxiety
History of bent cannula
History of scar tissue
Teflon allergy
Lean/active Dexterity issues
Recommended body type Medium/High BMI* Medium/High BMI* Low/Medium/High BMI* Low BMI* Medium/High BMI*
Insertion device All in one All in one Manual insertion MiniMed™ Sil-serter™ or Manual insertion Quick-serter™ or Manual insertion
Cannula/needle type Soft Soft Steel Soft Soft
Insertion angle 90° 90° 90° 30°- 45° 90°
Cannula length 6 mm, 9 mm 6 mm, 9 mm 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm 13 mm, 17 mm 6 mm, 9 mm
Tubing length 23 in, 32 in 23 in, 43 in 18 in, 23 in, 32 in 18 in, 23 in, 32 in, 43 in 18 in, 23 in, 32 in, 43 in
Cannula thickness (gauge) 25G 25G 29G 25G 25G
Change frequency 6-7 days 2-3 days 1-2 days 2-3 days 2-3 days

*Body Mass Index



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Important Safety Information: Infusion Sets
Infusion sets require a prescription and are indicated for the subcutaneous infusion of insulin from an infusion pump. Infusion sets are not indicated for intravenous (IV) infusion or the infusion of blood or blood products. Inaccurate medication delivery,infection and/or site irritation may result from improper insertion and maintenance of the infusion site. Before insertion,clean the insertion site with isopropyl alcohol. Remove the needle guard before inserting the infusion set. If using thisinfusion set for the first time, do the first set-up in the presence of your healthcare professional. Do not leave air in the infusionset. Prime completely. Follow the instructions provided and replace as indicated in those instructions. For more details, see