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Enterra™ II neurostimulator

GES Enterra

The Enterra™ II gastric neurostimulator is a programmable device that generates mild electrical pulses for gastric electrical stimulation to treat chronic, intractable nausea and vomiting due to gastroparesis.* This small, battery-powered gastric neurostimulator generates controlled electrical pulses delivered by leads to the antrum portion of the stomach muscle wall.

Enterra Therapy will now be managed by Enterra Medical, Inc. – a medical device company dedicated to a singular focus: helping more people with chronic gastroparesis live better lives by advancing technology, expanding clinical science, and accelerating access to the Enterra Therapy.


Medtronic remains an operational partner in the new management model, however all business support should be directed to Enterra Medical, Inc.

  • To contact a sales rep, please call Enterra Medical Customer Service.
  • Order placement, fulfillment, and invoicing is entirely managed by Enterra Medical.
  • Customer and patient support is entirely managed by Enterra Medical.
  • To report product issues contact Enterra Medical.

For all product information, manuals, safety instructions, and to learn more please visit Enterra Medical.

*Humanitarian Device: The Enterra™ Therapy system for gastric electrical stimulation is authorized by Federal law for us in treatment of chronic intractable (drug refractory) nausea and vomiting secondary to gastroparesis of diabetic or idiopathic etiology in patients aged 18-70 years.