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Navigation Accessories and Integrations

Our factory-calibrated surgical navigation devices integrate seamlessly with our image-guided navigation systems, delivering plug-and-play convenience and Surgical Synergy™ strategy to the office and OR. Plus, our reusable instruments, patient tracking, and other accessories provide easy-to-use tools for ENT image-guided surgery.

Reusable ENT Surgical Navigation Instruments

Reusable standard ENT instruments included with the FUSION system

Reusable standard ENT instruments

Standard Instrument Set

Includes 6 reusable, standard instruments that mirror non-navigated ENT instruments:

  • Registration Probe
  • Curved Suction, 90°
  • Curved Suction, 70°
  • Includes head frame kit
  • Straight Suction
  • Straight Probe (defaults to trajectory view)
  • Ostium Seeker
Optional reusable surgical navigation instruments

Optional reusable surgical
navigation instruments

Supplemental Instrument Set

The Supplemental Instrument Set is designed for use during a broad variety of surgical procedures and techniques. This optional set includes:

  • Frontal Suctions, 45° and 90°
  • Small Straight Suction
  • Elevator
  • Standard Registration Probe and Head Frame Kit (not pictured)

Instrument Innovation

Our ENT surgical navigation instruments feature:

  • Auto-recognition and seamless verification of instruments
  • Head tracker with integrated TouchPad
  • Multi-instrument tracking with up to 6 ports

Ordering Information

View our ENT Product Catalog or call your local ENT representative to learn more.

Note: These surgical navigation instruments are only available as sets in the US. If you are outside the US, items in sets must be ordered individually.

Malleable Suction Instruments

Malleable Suction Instruments with Built-In EM Navigation

Bendable suction with built-in EM surgical navigation

Bendable Suction with Built-In Navigation

Re-shape a suction instrument during image-guided surgery, without re-registering it.

Malleable Suction™ Instruments feature built-in AxiEM™ surgical navigation technology within the instrument tip. Simply bend the instrument as necessary, and continue operating. There’s no need to re-register.

  • Pre-calibrated for plug-and-play with Medtronic ENT electromagnetic (EM) navigation
  • Multiple lengths, diameters, and tips for precise localization and access
  • Standard suction design with built-in EM tracker

Contact your local Medtronic ENT representative to learn more.

Automated EM Tracking Blades

Straightshot™ M5 Microdebrider with Quadcut™ Navigated Blade

StraightShot™ M5 M5 with Quadcut™

Factory-Calibrated Blades for Navigation

Automated EM Tracking Blades deliver integrated navigation technology for plug and play image guided surgery. They are factory-calibrated for navigation, right out of the box. Just attach the blade to the M5 microdebrider and the StealthStation™ ENT system, and start navigating.

With this innovation, we continue to deliver the feature expansion and product integration that you expect from Medtronic.

Unique features include:

  • No arrays, no clamps, no calibration, and virtually no waiting
  • Factory-calibrated blades for navigation

Patient Tracking for Image-Guided Surgery

Medtronic ENT patient tracker on a white background

Multiple Options for Patient Tracking

Medtronic ENT offers several choices for patient tracking during surgical navigation, including:

  • AxiEM™ Non-Invasive Patient Tracker
  • Electromagnetic (EM) ENT Head Frame Kit
  • Skull-mounted Cranial Dynamic Reference Frame
  • EM ENT Trackers

AxiEM Non-Invasive Patient Tracker

The self adhesive, one-piece disposable non-invasive patient tracker (NIPT) is affixed to the patients skin, and is used to track the position of the patient during image-guided surgery.

Cranial Dynamic Reference Frame (Cranial DRF)

The Cranial DRF is a sterile single-use disposable electromagnetic field detector with self-tapping screws.

  • Minimally invasive, sensor-based tool
  • Intended to be attached to the patient's skull in essentially any location for the purpose of tracking patient location during image guided surgery
  • Designed for image-guided surgery with coronal flaps and lengthy complex cases, such as lateral skull base procedures

StealthStation™ ENT navigation system OPTIONAL SOFTWARE MODULES

View instructional videos about StealthMerge™ and Stealth3D™ software. Available as an optional license.

StealthMerge ENT

StealthMerge™ ENT allows you to combine exams and view them during the procedure.

  • Use with CT, MR, MR-T1, MR-T2.
  • Display exams blended (on top of each other) or independently using "Compare Mode."
  • Apply color maps to exams individually to increase contrast.
  • Choose automatic or manual exam merge capabilities.

Stealth3D Software

Create 3D models of anatomy or pathology with Stealth3D™.

  • Choose from automated and manual tools.
  • Use automated tools for skin, bone, brain, vessels, tumors, ventricles.
  • Display models in 2D and 3D views.
  • Create multiple models and blend them together.