Parathyroid Detection System Healthcare Professionals


Closeup of the PTeye parathyroid detection system on gray background.

The PTeye™ system is a first of its kind dye-free intraoperative, probe-based technology which aids surgeons in the identification of parathyroid tissue by confirming parathyroid tissue already visually located by the surgeon real-time during thyroid and parathyroid surgery. 1, 2 The system uses near-infrared (NIR) autofluorescence for in-vivo and ex-vivo, real-time confirmation of visually suspected parathyroid tissue regardless of its pathologic state.3

Indications, Safety, and Warnings

Product Details

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FDA Granted De Novo, 2018.


PTeye™ System Instructions for Use, July, 2020.


PTeye™ System Instructions for Use, July, 2020.