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Handpieces Used with the Integrated Power Console System


The Straightshot™ M5 microdebrider and Straightshot M4 microdebrider are handpieces for ENT surgery. They are powered by our multispecialty Integrated Power Console (IPC™) system.

Straightshot M5 Microdebrider

Straightshot M5 Microdebrider

Smaller, Lighter, Faster Than the M4

Ergonomically engineering for balance and performance, the Straightshot M5 is the first microdebrider capable of 30,000 rpm. Features include:

  • Direct-drive motor with straight-through suction
  • Gearless operation 
  • Easy-turn rotation wheel

Versatile Technology for Your OR

The Straightshot M5 works with 125+ blades and burs, such as:

  • 30K high-speed burs for frontal sinus surgery (other burs work as well, but will not allow 30,000 rpm)
  • Factory-calibrated EM blades for FUSION® ENT Navigation
  • Quadcut® blades that reduce clogging

Straightshot M4 Microdebrider

Straightshot M5 Microdebrider

Versatility in the OR

The Straightshot M4 microdebrider is an innovative powered handpiece for ENT surgery that helps improve intraoperative functionality and precision when incising or removing soft tissue, hard tissue, or bone. It's powered by our multispecialty Integrated Power Console (IPC System).

Tip Rotates 360° Without Shaft Rotation

Winner of a Medical Device Excellence Award, it's the first microdebrider that lets you rotate only the tip of the curved blade during ENT surgery. This allows you to perform 360-degree cutting in the frontal sinuses, a more complete removal of polyps and mucin in the maxillary sinuses, and gain greater access to target tissue in the lateral and posterior areas of the airway.

A unique precision finger wheel control rotates the blade tip, while integrated suction helps keep the surgical site clear. Additionally, the sculpted shape accommodates multiple hand positions and provides ergonomic comfort for surgeons with large or small hands.

With better, more comfortable access to sinus and airway anatomy, ENT surgeons can perform a more precise, complete removal of obstructive or diseased tissue with the Straightshot M4 microdebrider.


30K Burs

Our comprehensive portfolio of application-specific blades and burs gives you the versatility to perform almost any ENT surgery with precision and speed. We offer more than 125 application-specific blades and burs for the Straightshot M4 and M5 microdebriders.


Our comprehensive selection of 30K burs for the Straightshot M5 microdebrider gives you the best selection available for frontal sinus drilling

30K burs have multiple technology innovations, offering:

  • Speeds up to 30,000 rpm
  • Improved durability and stability (as compared to Medtronic XPS™ Burs)
  • Up to 10 times more effectiveness when removing material (as compared to Medtronic XPS™ Burs)
  • Integrated irrigation
  • Distal suction

The wide selection allows you to choose a bur for the specific anatomic needs of each patient or procedure.

Medtronic blades and burs for powered ENT surgery

Latest Technology in Blades and Burs for the Straightshot M4 and M5

Our latest designs include the Quadcut® Blades that offer real relief from blade clogging, even under low suction conditions. The unique blade design also provides better engagement of the ethmoid bone, as well as improved precision and reduced collateral tissue damage.1

Unique Quadcut™ Blade from Medtronic

Other innovative blades and burs include:

  • Inferior Turbinate Blades, featuring a patented elevator design, that offer significant and long-term results with one treatment.2-4
  • Automated EM Tracking Blades, the first and only factory-calibrated blades for navigation. You can use them right out of the box with our Fusion™ ENT Navigation System.
  • Anterior Skull Base Burs. We offer the most comprehensive bur selection for transnasal endoscopic surgery, enabling rapid bone and tumor removal with integrated suction-irrigation to help maximize visibility in these challenging procedures.
  • Skimmer® Airway Blades for shaving the fast-growing tumors caused by recurrent respiratory papillomatosis (RRP). These blades offer a better treatment for RRP through shorter procedure times, quicker patient recovery, and eliminating the thermal burn and other risks associated with laser techniques.5,6

View the ENT Product Catalog for our complete line of Straightshot M4 and M5 blades and burs.


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Instructions for Use for our powered ENT instruments are located in the Medtronic manuals library. You can search by product name, model number, or manual document number.


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